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Full Version: Dom Sinkevic's Sketchbook
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Erm, I guess hello? Have been in the community for long time, but I haven't posted. So here it is! My sketchbook! Crits are much appreciated!
[Image: 04_15_by_75ilver-d53xk0n.jpg]
[Image: w8jauo7i_by_75ilver-d53xk0m.png]
[Image: face_by_75ilver-d53xk0i.png]
[Image: untitled_1_by_75ilver-d53xk0e.png]
[Image: 02_15_01_by_75ilver-d53xk0a.png]
[Image: 05_11_by_75ilver-d53xk08.png]
[Image: 05_31_by_75ilver-d53xk05.png]
[Image: back_muscles_by_75ilver-d53xk01.png]
[Image: body_front_by_75ilver-d53xjzv.png]
[Image: 03_15_by_75ilver-d53xjzm.png]
[Image: skull_of_an_adult_and_infant_by_75ilver-d53xjzb.png]
[Image: 05_17_by_75ilver-d53xjz8.png]
[Image: 05_30_by_75ilver-d53xjz6.png]
[Image: 01_11_by_75ilver-d53xjzk.png]
30 sec gesture drawings
[Image: untitled_2_by_75ilver-d53xkv2.jpg]
Still life 2 hours (failed)
[Image: untitled_1_copy_by_75ilver-d53xkv5.png]
Perspective practice
[Image: 06_03_1_by_75ilver-d53xkuz.png]
[Image: 06_16_by_75ilver-d53xlxq.png]
[Image: 06_15_by_75ilver-d53xlxl.png]
[Image: 06_14_by_75ilver-d53xlxi.png]
[Image: 06_06___06_15_by_75ilver-d53xlxe.png]
[Image: 06_05_by_75ilver-d53xlwe.png]
[Image: 06_04_2_by_75ilver-d53xlw8.png]
[Image: 1_by_75ilver-d53xmgj.png]
every single one of these is a work of art

my fav would be the samurai cat, its so cute >.<
A quickie update, envi and illustration.
Many of these are familiar. I remember watching the stream with the second image there! Keep it up Dom (I love the treasure chest one!)
Kausza - Thank you!

Some studies. Guess I never posted traditional stuff, tried to scan with the wifi function.. Well the connectivity is bad, but at least I scanned 1 pic. Old design sketch mixing mayian king with a german armor. Hope you guys like it.
Long time no post, I started a deathline and one of the things I need to improve is the activity in the community! Here we go!

Kickin' ass on those environments! Only crits would be to do some landscape studies under different light situation, like night, sunrise, sunset, artificial light etc., to help expand your palate.
CKL - thanks! The tip is really useful, doing them now and I have learned tons :)
Here's some props and owl studies! :)



wow) cool sketches man
Nikt- Thanks man!
Some studies failed envi and misc
Hey man I'm loving your environments! And these last couple of illustrations are really good too. I can already see improvement in this sketchbook keep it up!
OMG your perspective buildings are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALso your paintings about different materials are also accurate!
Hmm might ask your for tip in the future ^_^
I like your progress that you've shown from taking the perspective class. That last environment piece you did is stunning!
fantastic work in this sb can really see the huge progress taking place, great work on the fundamentals! love the way u break down forms into simple shapes. My only advice would be to really spend more time seeing and less time drawing cos some of the studies ur missing bits which will enhance the sense of realism in ur designs. But still this is a great sb i will return.
Dom... I know you still post here. Post some art damnit. I want to see some more art!!!
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