CC3 | Tien Chi WIP
Okay I am off to a late start but I am ready to give this a try.  It took me like forever to finally get something posted in here.  I am excited to start this challenge and will look forward in hearing back and learning from this community. 

For this challenge I made a quick reference board with images I can get inspire to for this phase.  I did some notan sketches staying loose and thinking of interesting shape arrangement and story elements.  I have three in mind that I like but feel free to let me know which one you guys like.

[Image: cc3_ref1.jpg]
[Image: cc3_thumbs.jpg]

Great job on joining and welcome! :) Man these notans are good, abstract and bold but still pretty readable. Don't have time right now to pick some favourites...but I will edit the post a bit later when I can. Great start!

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@ Amit Dutta - Hey thanks I'm glad I joined, this looks fun and it gives me another good reason to draw :)

Its time for an update, I have some sketches I did in my sketchbook before I did the notan thumbnails.  Sry for not posting these first.  

The figure and portrait was actually a live model both 20 minute studies from life drawing class. Some sticky notes stuff to help inspire my thoughts.  Just exploring right now and trying to figure out things.  

[Image: exploring_sketches.jpg]

I did some studies last few days using Google street view as my reference to hopefully help influence the final image.  

Reference1  |  Reference2  |  Reference3
[Image: cc3_desertstudies.jpg]

Some solid brushstrokes and values in those studies.
Love those studies and damn didn't think about using google street view for ref before.

These comps are great and studies as well, really! I love how you made brushstrokes with different colors on the rocks. Keep this up and good luck!

@kopper @Slapper @Piotr Jasielski - Thanks guys!
This update, I work my three favorite comps and I am trying to refine some ideas to help me decide what I need to study.  

[Image: cc3_sketches.jpg]

 Whoa! Deadline is just around the corner...  Here are the last set of studies before moving to the final concept.  If my studies are not clear enough I am going with the second comp out of the three.  
[Image: ccs_character_studies.jpg]
[Image: cc3_templeland_studies.jpg]


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