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  Hey Guys
Posted by: calebartist - 09-12-2023, 07:38 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - No Replies

Hey guys I'm Caleb, recently I decided it was time to fully commit myself back to art (well the time I have outside of working) It's certainly been a struggle, I've been serious about art for the vast majority of my life, but after quitting I just completely lost my purpose in life. Like it just felt I wasn't living up to my potential in anyway and just getting by.

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Posted by: Seulyss - 08-21-2023, 10:44 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

  • Hi! Hello! What it is. I am Seulyss (pronounced more akin to Seoul less). I'm a beginner at this lifelong journey. I am very much not understanding of the fundamentals. A friend of mine told me about this forum and wanted me to join to keep myself consistent and to get more feedback. I agree with them. 

  • I'm a lover of all things tokusatsu related, but I am not a weirdo about it. I love playing video games and practicing guitar. I don't really know much else to say really other than my goals for art are to just enjoy it and maybe make things people don't cringe at. lol

  • If you wanna get to know me. I'm always welcome to chat. 

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Big Grin Hello
Posted by: jaspercarl - 05-09-2023, 04:16 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Greetings! I'm an aspiring illustrator and I want to work in the game industry one day. Splash art is what I'm striving for. I aim to share my studies and sketches so I can log my progress. It's exciting to be able to share work with other artists, I hope to get along with you guys!

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Posted by: zalseon - 04-09-2023, 11:17 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

I'm a hobbyist, but i've been really into art since i was a kid. Going into my 30's it's nice to rekindle my old hobbies especially with all the other creative stuff i'm doing in-between engineering classes. Was in the Army National Guard for 8 years, got an associates in Industrial Electrical and now i'm trying to draw stuff from my book/tabletop series and figured this was a good place to come to for feedback.

One day i hope to pull off the same kinda work as Ronald Wong of aviation painting fame, Andrew Jones (Metroid Prime's concept artist) and RBT Designer from Deviant Art (that man's stuff is insane)

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Smile A friendly greetings to you all!
Posted by: Grungust - 03-15-2023, 11:58 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)


I was pleasently surprised to find an art forum that was still alive in these day. Most forum of this sort have long since succumbed to their wounds, dealt by the dastardly phantoms known as Reddit and Discord. What more, it's a forum in the style of CA.org!
I've been doing art for a long time now, but for reasons I stopped and stagnated heavily. My wish is to get back in to doing the craft more seriously and having a place to share my studies would be a great boon to that goal.

I usually do cartoons, anime-esque stuff even, but I've been switching gears to doing more fundementals, working with basic forms, line, composition and design. In general, my goal is to increase the amount of work I do, in the sketchbook and online.

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  Hello there ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤
Posted by: OG-SAN - 01-17-2023, 02:03 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (3)

Wow, I had no idea an art forum like this still exists. I missed creating a digital sketchbook like on concept art or Sycra's forums. I am happy to have found this place. 

I go by Og-san. I'm 30 years old and been drawing since I was young. I took it seriously around 2010. 13 years later and a lot has changed. Looking back on it now, I had no idea what I personally wanted to do. I just looked at a lot of my favorite internet artists and thought what they did was what I should be doing. I am not going to say that was a total waste of time because there was a lot of mileage gained out of just drawing. I have jumped back and forth between wanting to be a character designer, game developer, Animator, Storyboard artist, and comic artist. All aspiring to work a studio and have some professional career. Making connections with people in work and learning about what it takes to get into that world and what it is like really made me re-evaluate what I really wanted out of life and art. 

There a lot more in-between that but I finally landed on being an indie comic artist. I have landed a decently paid job in the financial world with a proper work/life balance that allows me to pursue Art in my own way and pace. Overall I just want to be a great storyteller. 

I have all my artwork from 2010 up until now but I did not start digitally archiving it until 2015. A lot of that is lost to the sycra forums closing down but I do have a Local drive on my PC that start in 2017. I am going to create a digital sketchbook on here that starts from 2017 and progressively upload from there. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for still being active Crimson Daggers!

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Big Grin Hi! I'm Alan
Posted by: AlanGhiraldelli - 12-08-2022, 11:14 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hi! My name is Alan.

I like to draw!  Probably my principal focus is to learn the drawing fundamentals and apply them in my drawings and illustrations Stupid  

Some of the stuffs that I've made.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

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  Hi, Crimson Daggers!
Posted by: NecroBandit - 11-13-2022, 07:43 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hi, all! Name's Rob, and I'm just here to find a community with some art geeks who like to share their works and their knowledge. I'm here to try and be a more contributing member to an online community. Plus, CD reminds me a lot of the communities that were around when I was a wee-lad. This place seems like a really cool place, and I look forward to seeing some awesome work as I lurk around these forums.

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  Hello fellow artist
Posted by: MR.K - 10-06-2022, 11:35 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - No Replies

Recently watching Sinix old sketchbooks how he improve in 8 months I want to recreate those results like him. Shape form lines and anatomy to can't wait to improve with this sketchbook

Sketchbook: https://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-9435.html

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  Hello everyone
Posted by: Saki - 07-15-2022, 05:58 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hello everyone, 

I just joined this community, I'm looking for a good place where i can post my art and talk to others about art. I really love studying art and the style I have the most fun is with anime/manga art style. However I also practice still life and real life human figures a lot. I look forward to spending more time here!

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