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Posting bc I need help/guidance and I have no one I know that can help me. Everyone on this forum is so damn hardworking and it shows; I hate to use the word talent but pretty much every sketchbook I've seen lurking has been inspiring. I'm working on drawabox's lesson 2. After leaving high school for engineering school the race to become better than everyone else taking art semi seriously is gone; I barely drew throughout my first two semesters but I've picked it back up again as summer started. I hope I can find some sort of replacement here.

Stuff I did yesterday and today:
drawabox seemed like a good place to get my feet wet again

[Image: QWgDuVPm.jpg]
[Image: tMn3gVRm.jpg]
[Image: 4tEiitom.jpg]
[Image: PUn19Tim.jpg?2]
[Image: BKHzCNnm.jpg]
[Image: qpZY7JTm.jpg]
[Image: JcoxEH3m.jpg]
[Image: XnoD1c6m.jpg]
[Image: 2gcNsUfm.jpg]
[Image: q4aAqpSm.jpg]
[Image: lrUEM44m.jpg]
[Image: ur6co81m.jpg]
[Image: mGLDCX0m.jpg]
[Image: z0FFx52m.jpg]
[Image: gvcQgJKm.jpg]
[Image: jc98h2tm.jpg]
[Image: 5HT3C52m.jpg]
[Image: ytzrabpm.jpg]
[Image: j8AZPEVm.jpg]
[Image: Z2uc69Rm.jpg]
[Image: dYWyRR9m.jpg?1]
[Image: 7EGnG55m.jpg?2]
[Image: cDoD1QEm.jpg]
^ hard af
Great start here Alexsieu :).

This stuff will turbo charge your art! And the more you practice it the better you get and the more you enjoy it!

Keep it going!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

[Image: va96olkm.jpg?1]
[Image: Uzo9fOKm.jpg?1]
[Image: zKiRGSPm.jpg?1]
[Image: zoh1Ylhm.jpg?1]
[Image: w1s2q20m.jpg?1]
[Image: PAVRucdm.jpg]
[Image: kn4M3Yam.jpg?1]
[Image: dUSDop5m.jpg?1]
[Image: mGwqgtzm.jpg?1]
[Image: adCQM9ym.jpg?1]

organic shapes studies are  way more entertaining than getting mechanical mileage, at least
instead of doing drawabox I'm working from dynamic sketching resources I found online and doing the homework that peter han assigns to his students.
stuff done past few days

tuts posted above look sick Mariyan but I feel like I should really hammer down my fundamentals esp in draftsmanship and understanding of the basic forms with dynamic sketching before I do anything with it aside from life drawing using the principles, maybe that's the wrong thinking but that's what I'm doing for now

definitely will check out in 2 months or so though, probably dynamic sketching 1 -> perspective 1 -> dynamic sketching 2 -> robinson's how to draw -> proko's anatomy -> hampton's anatomy -> rendering resource is my planned path for the time being

[Image: HrtQpwlm.jpg?1]
[Image: 5vdCrH2m.jpg?1]
[Image: KJC2FXTm.jpg?1]
[Image: kAqzkbUm.jpg]
[Image: JpZYMFHm.jpg]
[Image: 6rax3Dqm.jpg]
I think the use of values in the above image is absolute garbage (makes sense, haven't really studied it yet) but I feel like I told the viewer the story of the form of the stuffed animal adequately using contour lines in rendering

not been drawing enough definitely gotta pick it up

very happy with my accuracy progress though in my still lifes, most of the time I'm getting it ballpark correct on the first lay in which is a huge improvement from having to rework over and over, really speeds things up and is improving my confidence
[Image: R1ZI1Gml.jpg?1]
[Image: UCvT5V7m.jpg?1]
[Image: cstAfSnl.jpg?1]\
[Image: 5dE4Qt5l.jpg?1]
[Image: vYYzKzmm.jpg]
given up on the above, don't have the rendering skills or discipline to do it justice tbh
[Image: FVcTOyml.jpg]
[Image: pN38LYWl.jpg]
[Image: cuuTb4Vl.jpg]
lazy day but tomorrow is a new one
i think varying which contours you choose to place over the form (not following the same uniform contour) with some sort of rhythm to it would make much nicer rendered forms
just need to work on it a lot to make it work for me
[Image: A0x46xtm.jpg]
[Image: BEw5GeXm.jpg]
[Image: 52nMzLWl.jpg]

been fooling around with godot/unity and game design is so much fun once you get past your first few prototypes/remaking games like smb and pong

after finishing what I wanted from dynamic sketching (slightly better lines, understanding of form intersection enough to get by, a little exploration of organics) I don't really know where to go next.
The boxes and fundamental drawings look extremely lovely and those will definitely boost your skills up tremendously.

You said in your last post that you do not know where to go next. Honestly, once you told yourself that you are going to practice your fundamentals everyday, there is going to become a time when you need to ask yourself "what the hell do I even like to draw." I am pretty sure you didn't become an artist just to do straight lines and boxes all day long. I understand that in the Draw A Box curriculum, the creator kind of diverged into different things at once like humans, bugs and vehicles all of a sudden after the fundamental lessons. But that is only because once you take your foot off of the "Fundamental Zone" (you are forever always going to be in it), you can choose your own path from there.

[Image: level_grid.jpg]

So this is a level select stage from Shadow the Hedgehog, right? That one lonely stage over at the far left of the image is the stage you will ALWAYS start on no matter how many playthroughs of the game you play. If you want the multitude of endings in this game, you will be forced to start with this stage. This is the "Fundamental Zone" in your case cause you always have to start here when you want to be in the art industry.

After that stage, you will move up, stay straight or down depending on what alignment you chose yourself to be in (good, neutral, or bad). In the case of art, you will automatically push yourself whatever profession that YOU want to go. This is when you choose where you want to take your fundamentals and put them to good use. Let's pretend those final stages at the far right are the options you have for art professions. 1 = Character Designer, 2 = Environment and Landscapes, and 3 = Animal and Creature Artist. You can go up, down, left, right, squiggly line in the game's grid but you always end up in one of those final stages that will ultimately determine what you would like to become in the future.

 All I am trying to say here is that you need to experiment A LOT in this shit in order to get the best ending for you. Do animals and machinery interest you? Start there, do animal drawings then machinery sketches.  Do you see something that made you go "Oh fuckles, I have to learn how to draw that"? Like, you saw someone do an extremely good botanical illustration and now you want to study up on plants?  Anyways, pick what you would like to study up on, and stick with it until you are satisfied with the final result (and keep up with your fundamental training as well). 

Art is never a one way lane.  (I apologize if this was too much, I had to get it out)

I hope you get your door in the industry bro!!

..I've never seen someone compare art to shadow the hedgehog, be the edgiest artist you can be haha.

Anyway yeah to follow what Voodoo said just do whatever interests you from there, what kind of art do you like, you can jump into anatomy or whatever you want from here and while there's a lot of overlap in art there's a lot of stuff you can ignore till later on if you want to really get good at one thing, be it enviorments or character design etc.


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