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Hey, Kaiko, really inspiring sketchbook so far! I don't know how you can call yourself lazy, it looks to me like you are going full steam ahead. Its great to see an artist becoming proficient in completely different styles, both painterly and comic/inking. I really like the brushwork on your landscapes, even though you can see the brush strokes it still looks very clean and realistic to me, especially that mountain side. Your control of edges is also great. Nice ink studies of the trees! I actually bought Pen and Ink because of your recommendation on my SB and have been trying to practice textures also, so I really appreciate these!

By the way, if you don't mind me asking what kind of pen/paper do you use for traditional inking? I have been using just a regular Bic ballpoint pen/printing paper which is pretty good for a lot of things but it can't go very dark without pressing hard and ruining the paper.

Keep up the great work! :)
The bus shelter screenshot study is *chefs kiss*

If you wanted to push it closer to the original image, check your values. They are pre good through out, but a lot of where it deviates away from the source image is around the back wall and under side of the roof. The wood panels at the front are too light. The leaning piece of wood on our right side is super duper light at the bottom. Everything behind the bench seat is too light as well.
The image has a great sense of depth because everything inside the shelter is quite dark, so pushing your values towards the darker side will help your version also gain that sense of depth

It looks really good, so I encourage you to keep at it :)

Sketchbook // Insta

And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea
Really solid work here, you're especially good in capturing faces, very convincing. Regarding feedback, I would say to be more conscious of your values. Also avoid doing photo studies with weak or flat lighting, as they could lead you to develop bad habits in regards to values. Ideally you want the most contrast on the focal points, and in general the lightest values as things go more towards the background (and less contrast as well), although that could vary a bit depending on the image.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing more of your progress!

Hello tchangchang, chubby_cat and cgmythology, 

thank you very much for kind words and your valuable feedback! I really need to check my values better in my current study as well as my general speedpaints! Thank you for pointing it out and adding suggestions on how to improve this skill at certain points in my current study as well as in general, @chubby_cat and @cgmythology! 

@tchangchang: Here is my list of tools for inking: 
  • I use normal copypaper (80g/m²) and ballpoint pens for regular practice and sketches, too. Also Leuchtturm sketchbooks, which (after many trials with other brands) have become my favourite brand. The paper is both smooth and very durable (for use of ink, markers and any other wet medium). 
  • For comic pages and more elaborate ink drawings I use Deleter Ink No.2 (link) and Deleter Comic Paper (link) in B4 size /110kg, which is a bit heavier, has a very smooth surface on both sides and can be bought with both cyan lines (for comic paneling) or without cyan lines (for illustrations). The cyan lines give a good visual orientation for the page size and paneling. When scanned the cyan lines will be ignored by the printer, which makes the scan look clean right after scanning. Very practical! :) The smooth surface of this paper makes it also very fun and relaxing to use g-pen ink nibs on it as well as color the illustrations with markers or watercolor later (with a minimum of bleeding). 
  • The Deleter Ink is really great to use with nibs (not too wet and not to thick), looks slightly glossy after drying and is also very practical to use for filling in bigger black areas with a brush later, too. This way you can avoid leaving pen marks in your paper, all areas have the same ink and also have a nice glossy look of your inked illustrations, which makes it look more valuable in the end.  
  • If don't want to use nibs and ink, I'd recommend getting a matching brush pen for your favourite inking pen. With a brushpen you can fill in large areas evenly and without pen pressure, too. Brushpens are also less messy than real ink. Bonus: With practice they are a great tool for any kind of line weight application.  

Aside from these specific brands any slightly thicker paper (<100g/m²) with a smooth surface will basically do the job you are looking for. Also instead of Deleter ink you can use any ink intended for writing with nibs or any pen you feel comfortable inking with! Just test some tools out, until you find what works best for your personal style and usual working space. :) 

Disclaimer: I am not paid for mentioning all these brands here. I just learned to love these specific tools after a long period of trial and error. ;)) 

As soon as I have had some time to apply your feedback I'll be back posting new wips of the study and other paintings. 

See you soon & a happy new year to all you guys! :) 

- Kaiko
Amazing, many thanks for the in depth answer! Looks like I'm going to have to do some experimenting myself, I didn't know there were so many things to consider for making ink illustrations! My goal is to eventual make full-page finished illustrations so will definitely refer back to this when I feel comfortable enough with my drawing skills to try a fully inked ilustration.

Happy new year!
I kept working on the bus stop piece to the best of my (plant ability) extent and also tried to work in your suggestions about values. So far I call it finished, but I am not happy with it, because I still need to practice drawing plants a lot... Argh! Anyway here are the final piece and some studies I did on the side. The pencil studies are copied from the anatomy images on a twitter account called kato-anatomy and I also have a 30cm 3d figuere for anatomy reference which I try to use more regurarly now when I do paintings. :)

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Great sketchbook you have here. I like your environment paintings specially how you rendered the sky. 
Nice anatomy study. May I suggest you Hampton book, you’ll definitely get a lot more using his construction method.

By the way the bus station painting is great. Would love to see the train station one.
Keep it up
I really like your latest work a lot! The anatomy studies you have made look quite good. I spot a few small errors here and there in terms of proportion, but I really think it's just a matter of doing more of these studies and building up your mileage.

Hello guys, 

@Zorrentos: Thank you so much! I am trying really hard to improve my anatomy skills lately, because I feel like it's been a big weakpoint of mine as well as a central skill I should master (because of drawing so much portraits, comics, etc.) so it's great you can enjoy the latest efforts. :) 

@Kassatay: Thank you very much for your comment and recommendation! The funny thing is though I already did a detailed study of the Hampton book in 2015 - even with details notes, which is very unusual for my sketchbooks normally. I've added some images of this specific sketchbook below, after looking through it with a very nostalgic feeling and laughing at my own attempts in there a lot lol. However, despite studying several anatomy books in the past (beside Hampton) I was still unhappy with my skills in this area and that's when I finally decided to buy a 3d figure last year after many years of avoiding it (because I find them kinda creepy to have around when guests visit lol.) Any,way this is him now. My 3d anatomical model (about 30cm in height). I named him Harvey after the guy in the Dark Knight. lol. 

[Image: 51ovCKNDsqL._AC_SX450_.jpg] 

After overcoming my initial creepiness I've  put him next to my pc monitor now. So when I do studies I can look at the anatomy in 3d and also observe the lighting as I move the model around, which really helped me to understand the whole topic better and also be able to finally grasp the 3D plasticity of the human anatomy. The exercises (with all the 3d lines and planes added in.) that I've posted in the previous post now help me to learn and figure out where the light/ shadow/ volumes goes later in my paintings - which is the reason why I am so hung up on the them at the moment. However I agree with you that the Hampton book is a really great resource and I think I won't put my old sketchbook to far away now, because revisiting it really might be a great idea after all. So again thank you very much for the recommendation! :)

Other than that I don't have much to show right now. I finished editing some passages of my "old" comic book, but I think that's not too interesting (because I did not redraw the whole thing, just edited some panels tthat really bothered me and added some intro boxes and stuff. Nothing fancy.) However, I did join an art study stream (by Paul Canavan) on monday and it was lots of fun doing a bunch of quick 1-2 minute live drawings. Here is my result of it:

[Image: EwjRvKKXEAAwpJJ?format=jpg&name=large]

That's it for today. I hope I can pile up a few more new studies to show soon.

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Just a small update! I've done a few anatomy studies - some digital and some traditional from yesterday and today. Some are just quick blocking of "landmarks" and some a little bit more elaborate. (Observing proportions better is still on my todolist.) Also some 60 second poses and a female study froma proko reference.

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I joined studybuddies again, too. (2x 1h value studies) Phew, that was hard! More practice needed! >.<

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man the last 2 studies are really good ! tell me more about the thing called studybuddies, it's looking very interesting !

(04-01-2021, 06:18 PM)wld.89 Wrote: man the last 2 studies are really good ! tell me more about the thing called studybuddies, it's looking very interesting !

Thanks you very much, wld89! :) 

Studdybuddies is an art study stream hosted by Paul Canavan which takes place every monday and friday on his Twitch-Stream (Link) at around 8pm Berlin Time. (He announces the exact details a few hours in advance on his twitter account (link) and in his discord (Link)  each time.) In the beginning of the livestream Paul announces a study task and provides references for it. Afterwards he works on the task himself live in his stream while the viewers do the studies on their individual pcs at home at the same time. Paul also answers questions, losely explains his process while drawing and interacts with the viewers. Overall it's a very fun and relaxed atmosphere. :) In the end all studies are posted to twitter and/or discord) and he briefly reviews them. Also the community is really nice, too - with people of all kinds of background and skilllevels, too. 

If you have time, I totally recommend you to join in! :)
It was studybuddies time again today (doing a movie study, well I did more of a poster study I guess, but whatever. I liked the movie, haha.) and I've also finished some personal print work & documents (finally~) so I can do more studies and other paintings again. Yay!

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woah is this from Dunkirk? I haven't seen the movie but I recognize the still, it looks good :) I'll try to make it to Study Buddies tomorrow if I can remember too :p

You did really really well on the atmosphere in this one. The silhouettes in the distance look great. Also love the line-work in the foreground, it's really successful in alluding to the rocky texture.
Great work so far Kaiko :) Especially like the Dunkirk still study. Colours are looking good and I like the balance between warm and cool.

DOn;t have much to critique you on so far, you seem to be studying and doing all the right things. All I can say is keep at it! :)

@Peter and @daschign: Thank you very much for your kind feedback! :) Yes, it's an image from the movie Dunkirk. 

I have been doing a few studies in the meantime again.

From Top to Bottom: 
#1 - some mixed 60 seconds and 120 seconds figure studies. 

#2-#4 - some "details of clothes" studies 

#5-#6 - some virtual plain air studies from the last studdybuddies stream on monday

#7-#9 - some tropical beach photostudies to relax a bit and because I lOVE the color palette so much

#10 - a little  progress on (the details of) my portrait study :)

Have a nice week everyone and happy painting! :)

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2 ghibli studies from studybuddies yesterday, a speedpaint and a character of mine. Still lots to learn... Have a nice weekend everyone!

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