Wants to get better!
More work on the BLOODSPORTS 14 Punch

Leather Armor studies
[Image: tumblr_mkehyarpD01rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Character/Creature sheet
[Image: tumblr_mkehyarpD01rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

Nice studies ! And the monster design looks awesome !
About the human character, I vote for the ribbon Insane, ecstatic

Pardon my english.
@ Virid Rain: Thanks :) Yeah I like the ribbon one as well. I might just do it. Don't tempt me (haha)

...Super tired - need sleep!

[Image: tumblr_mkg5neN1671rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

More work on compositions:
[Image: tumblr_mkg5neN1671rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

So I didn’t do as much drawing today as I wanted. My back kinda started to hurt (and my arm) so instead I did more thinking this time. Here are final choices of compositions though. Don’t really want to complicate too much since there isn’t much time left. And I think I’m gonna go with the last two thumbs. Tomorrow the refining starts! Excited!

and a couple of studies.


[Image: tumblr_mki78pUPsA1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mki78pUPsA1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

So much nice stuff in this sketchbook :o The bloodsport is coming along nicely, your gesture drawings are awesome and I really like that Duke pic! I'll be checking back!

nice sketchbook! some good progression there!
keep going...

@ Nylelevi: Hey thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. You're very kind. I'm really glad you like The Duke as well :3

@ Wolkenfels: Thanks man I appreciate the kindness :) I will!

Lions and tigers and bats, oh my. (and goblins)

alright! here’s an update. Running out of time damn it! I can make it, I can make it, I can make it!! :) Anyway I think I’m gonna try adding some colors next. This is not my usual approach to painting. I normally start straight with color so this should be interesting… new technique while on deadline = BRING IT ON BITCH! :D

[Image: tumblr_mkls9c2p7T1rlavnuo2_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkls9c2p7T1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Hey ! Nice compos ! I suggest that you bring the lion's head up (or to the right) a little bit, as his silhouette would be more easily readable ? I don't know ^^ his shoulder-neck-head looks a bit flat right now.
Good luck for the challenge !! I will not be able to finish it, no time anymore this week grr :(

Pardon my english.
Thanks Rain, I appreciate your feedback :) You're definitely right about his back/neck being too flat. I'll do my best to fix it by the time I'm done. And you can tell me then how did I do :) I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to finish yours though :/

Just some very late night studies...4:30 . Bridgman and his hands. Need to study anatomy of the hand!!
[Image: tumblr_mknqzu3kTf1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]

Great Sketchbook ! And thx for the kind words, let's keep at it !

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu

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@ Heavenwill: thanks man and no problem :)

OK the Beastmaster - bloodsports 14 - is done. May be some minor work on it tomorrow before i hand it in but that's all folks. Super fun, learned a TON! Now I will take a day or two off from drawing and all that. Bahahahahhaa yeah right! On to the next thing tomorrow! :) gotta keep practicing and pushing!!

[Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg] [Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkr6qwESFs1rlavnuo4_1280.jpg]

the studies continue...

Some more anatomy and personal stuff coming soon.

here are some feet from bridgman from today :)
[Image: tumblr_mksrl5wwxV1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Hey La1uc!

Had a look through your stuff after your comment in my sketchbook and wow! Lots of hard work going in to this...it's clear to see you improving all the time.

Love your figure studies and being a LOTR fan those movie still studies are ace :)

Keep posting now I'm subscribed ;)

Awesome studies here!
And love the bloodsport 14 entry ^^

Keep it up!
@ ZeeZee: Man I appreciate the kind words. Especially the ones on improving! Since it's so hard to see improvement about your own work most of the time. These words help and keep me going! And thanks a lot for subscribing! <3 And yes. LOTR is just dope. Still didn't get around to read the books though :/ shame on me!

@ SpectreX: Thanks! I'm glad you like the bloodsports 14 :) I'm trying i'm trying! havent showered in like two days! haha Jesus! So much to learn! Don't want to stop! I can't! i'll swing by your sketchbook now!

OK Daggers! You're all doing so much work and it looks like I'm slacking but I'm not! Honest!
So! here are some clothing studies from yesterday and a lighting study from today. I really have to do more of both!

[Image: tumblr_mkww39OZHu1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkww39OZHu1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

And yes! I've decided I'll enter another bloodsports challenge since the previous one was just so much fun! And boy oh boy. This one is just out of this world. I'm not sure if my thing will qualify for the theme but I'll try it anyway. :) Going for Steampunk this time. So here is how my mind looks like ( I have a few pages in my sketchbook of stuff just like that but don't have a scanner) and also here's a process of how I design. gesture -> (loose) form and anatomy hints -> design. I'll explore further just wanted to share what I have so far. Next stop: Reference City!

[Image: tumblr_mkww39OZHu1rlavnuo4_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkww39OZHu1rlavnuo3_1280.jpg]

Reposting this little thing here. :) more work on bloodsports 15! learning a lot along the way!

more character exploration
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo6_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo3_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo4_1280.jpg]

Possible poses:
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo7_1280.jpg]

Composition thumbs:
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo8_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo5_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ml4lxsS09H1rlavnuo9_1280.jpg]

You've been busy! I really like those gesture poses youve come up with for the wizard. On your character exploration sheet I prefer the 2nd guy in, but with the head of the last guy on the post before lol.

wow dude awesome studies!!! beautiful line work and paintings!
push it !! enable maximum performance!!!
@ Nylelevi: Hey thank you so much! Although none of them ended up in the piece, cos I wanted a more gentle pose. I still appreciate your input tho! It's always nice to hear what people like (or dislike) :) So thanks!
@ hamoomy: thanks bro! I'm pushing as hard as I can. Sometimes too hard and everything starts to hurt so I have to pull back a bit. But in a spirit of Guild of golems...Full steam ahead! haha thanks again!

Here's my Steam golem. For the bloosports 15 challenge. And everything that goes with it.

Story: The wizard dude is able to produce steam from his body (don't ask me how) and he thought to himself: "Hey! What can I do with this power?" So the wizard dude builds a golem and gives it the greatest gift of them all. Life. How poetic is that? :D But he can also control the golem with steam of course. What kind of wizard would he be!? Anyway.. hope you like the work cos my story stinks. xD

[Image: a878c3ba31a8acef70eb2cfef6eb9dad-d62d239.jpg]

Chosen composition thumb, final composition choices and golems. I had to figure out the design of Golem thumb 15 while painting, otherwise I would have ran out of time :/
[Image: guild_of_golems__wip_002_by_luka87-d62d3mt.jpg]

Character design:
[Image: 5cdc41c71314df44d602d43bd18bf5ee-d62d5cq.jpg]

Looking great, interesting design.
I would've loved to see the full design of the golem as the smoke hides some parts and thus makes it slightly less readable


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