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Hi all

Just going to start off with some older finished pieces and move forward from there.

While I do still do daily studies in my sketchbook most of my digital work is focused on finished pieces and conceptual design for my personal projects.

One of my first ever Character Design paintings (read costume design...)
[Image: the_northern_spear_by_magicwax-d5134ow.jpg]

One of my fist attempts at painting faces... just rem it taking forever...
[Image: aya_hirano_by_magicwax-d53f3pb.jpg]

Early character design - Based on African Zulu Warriors
[Image: beastmaster_by_magicwax-d51361q.jpg]

Always fun & relaxing to paint monsters... At the time I really learnt a lot from this one
[Image: transcendence_by_magicwax-d5134yt.jpg]

A collection of face studies using different rendering techniques. Focus was on color play.
[Image: color_play_by_magicwax-d51368t.jpg]
These are some earlier explorations of different styles. I am inspired by so many different artists that it can be distracting at times.

Done in painter. A possible character for an IP I was working on
[Image: clyde_tnt_by_magicwax-d513n8y.jpg]

Some line work stuff... cartoon/manga... not really my thing I guess even though I love other peoples work in this style.
[Image: chun_li_dojo_by_magicwax-d56vlt8.jpg]

Some more line/ink ideas
[Image: jonah_hex_by_magicwax-d52jbam.jpg]

This is pretty much where I ended up... a touch of realism mixed with some cartoon/manga elements
[Image: my_angel_wears_boots_by_magicwax-d5rf820.jpg]
Nice sketchbook. Interesting mix of styles too.

Thanks for the feedback :)

These are some samples of my morning warm-ups and some monster quickies. Always find painting creatures and monsters very relaxing... helps reset any artist block!

[Image: 1d4c406d559269b5badb87df9ffcb836-d5u596x.jpg]

[Image: skully_sketch_by_magicwax-d5t5i5r.jpg]

[Image: 96a4de6c3c32b6b58c0cb29988727836-d5u7014.jpg]

[Image: skully_smoke_by_magicwax-d5umfcz.jpg]

[Image: mama___pizza_delivery__by_magicwax-d5r001d.jpg]

[Image: demon_speedy_by_larrywilson-d5widj4.jpg]

[Image: dragonkin_speedy_by_magicwax-d5yudjx.png]
(07-28-2013, 09:25 AM)Ignatz Wrote: Nice sketchbook. Interesting mix of styles too.

haha exactly, "mix of styles" horror monsters and cute cartoon xD I love it :D It's good to be a comprehensive artist!

ty for the feedback Ignatz :)

These next few are a mix of some personal pieces and small commissions - most from last year

[Image: retro_pepper_by_magicwax-d5s2ny5.jpg]

[Image: stormwind_nights_by_magicwax-d52meu6.jpg]

[Image: morrigan_aensland_darkstalkers_by_magicwax-d55zp35.jpg]

[Image: dance_of_the_hunter_by_magicwax-d53lglr.jpg]

[Image: witchblade_masane_amaha_by_magicwax-d57puxi.jpg]
i wont lie, your avatar brought me here haha, lovely sketchbook.
It looks like you already know how to render your characters, so i suggest you to fully focus on anatomy and portraits. That way i think you will boost you ladies drawings to a new level.
Also, this last witchblade piece is much better than the rest, at least in terms of pose and anatomy.

Thank you for the feedback guys.

Next up are some pieces from my initial run with Shadowfist

[Image: hong_kong_car_chase_by_magicwax-d5d7b9j.jpg]

[Image: the_vampire_lord_by_magicwax-d5f3cp2.jpg]

[Image: the_avenger_by_magicwax-d5f3chp.jpg]

[Image: the_venerable_apothecary_by_magicwax-d5d7g4b.jpg]
Some poster comps for Tomb Raider

[Image: tomb_raider___iron_will_by_magicwax-d5xvuei.png]

[Image: tomb_raider___downfall_by_larrywilson-d60709n.jpg]

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