bemota's sketchbook
Hey? HEY? *taps microphone* You hear me? Okay! Hey guys! Been away too long...

[Image: qlrD1CW.jpg]

[Image: Q5w7qKc.jpg]

it's always good to make a come back with boobies! 8D

You live to make me cry ; ___ ;

Hey, welcome back!
Damn nice restart, keep posting man, it'd be a shame to leave this sketchbook unattended.

be sure to check the resource section and re-read

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Not much today, spent most day out.

Continued yesterday studying:
[Image: 0kUvEQe.jpg]

And applied from imagination:
[Image: HOaY3hh.jpg]

I really enjoy doing this kind of thing, maybe I could try and do some animations soon... I feel like stuff is clicking.

I'll be kinda absent for 2 weeks, I'll try updating from time to time though :)

Forgot to reply to all you lovely people yesterday.

Renato, I did them for you <3 [Image: tNs51R.gif]

Clarisse, I even make myself cry. At night.

Rafa, thanks dude. Really appreciate it.

darktiste, those do seem useful. Thanks for stopping by.

keep updating! loved these figures, pretty inspiring to look at
Real nice sketchbook, sir. Will have to add you to my list of artists who I stalk.

Thanks BenFlores and Craig! Sorry I've been away for so long. Im back though!

I've been doing traditional sketching mainly lately. Started going to life drawing classes:
[Image: IGRo40k.jpg]
[Image: jEY8z3g.jpg]
[Image: 8dayfgK.jpg]
[Image: F87A6a1.jpg]
[Image: 1j0MqvW.jpg]
[Image: PFnrIvv.jpg]
[Image: 2AAWNAR.jpg]
[Image: DixnS1Y.jpg]
[Image: JsjJpA2.jpg]
[Image: KqHpc3n.jpg]
[Image: SV49jKp.jpg]
[Image: y91uygP.jpg]
[Image: eSyEyo6.jpg]
[Image: SqdEBgS.jpg]
[Image: 1oqHuY5.jpg]
[Image: LzIJM6j.jpg]
[Image: tPhtcxS.jpg]
[Image: ztE1ajB.jpg]
[Image: BUE12tD.jpg]
[Image: O7Btd4r.jpg]
[Image: Xx0FgZW.jpg]

Started a sketchbook so I can learn how to actually sketch. I'm still to messy and smudge everything bah not to mention my inconsistency:
[Image: FW3pbLv.jpg]
[Image: h9i7qJs.jpg]
[Image: qPk5aQG.jpg]
[Image: 9emY0Mb.jpg]
[Image: yAsWeRy.jpg]
[Image: B75CD4r.jpg]
[Image: Da1ZNUO.jpg]
[Image: KFpeBDN.jpg]
[Image: Za7eO0R.jpg]

Some paintings i did on my tablet:
[Image: Vl6w34F.jpg]
[Image: uxSAf5Q.jpg]
[Image: 4HzQ2E4.jpg]
[Image: 6VMVD1T.jpg]

And self portrait day, on my sketchbook. The day where I feel self conscious about my art skill and physical appearance at the same time!
[Image: JF1BBTB.jpg]

hey man , great stuff , ty for stopping by on my sketchbook and for the crits . btw as i found out on your DA ... TUGAPOWER ;)
Hey guys, I've been away for far too long. I really need this art community in my life again, Facebook is turning my attention span into total shit. I'm motivated to right my wrongs and get into the holy path of the dagger's crimson again, brothers and sisters. Just looking around at everyone's sketchbook and seeing so much progress is making me excited about giving me best.

Some stuff I've been doing this week:
[Image: LklV10e.jpg]
[Image: peIwEqg.jpg]
[Image: gJHwD5j.jpg][Image: h1FpEqP.jpg][Image: UisztmR.jpg][Image: aRSoF8q.jpg]
[Image: epwxyEL.jpg]
[Image: XRyGGRi.jpg]
[Image: UsDeze3.jpg]
I also do 30 min - 1 hour of gesture drawing everyday but it's just shitty scribbles not worth taking photos of. I used to show them a lot and that kinda gives a false sense of achievement, from now on I'll only post them once they are good by my standards.

And some other stuff I've done:
[Image: ZLmWjhd.jpg]
[Image: eGcqcKt.jpg]
[Image: ywJhgoi.jpg]
[Image: gC6QnXZ.jpg]
[Image: UQKe1W5.gif]

And some illustratio work which I need to do more for my portfolio:
[Image: uH5pOmL.jpg]
[Image: PHJv7P2.jpg]

Don't leave us man!

Beautiful teacup and anatomy stuff. Are you gonna paint some background in the man/wolf illustration?

I just realised there is a reflexion of the moon in the broken glass in the last painting. Cool ;D

You must come back, maybe we can start some sort of accountability going on, that way it keeps you consistent with posting, and getting things done? Look forward to see more man!

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