Sketch Goulash!
Pretty weak day today; just some light sketches. Slow day at work, so I got a chance to sneak my watercolors out and do some value, color, and medium's workflow tests which is cool.

[Image: 17297481551_a6310e04fa_c.jpg]

[Image: 17111783469_f3b89e652c_c.jpg]

Alright. fine. I said everything. I fucking hate posting this, but god help me if I run outta time again in the day where I can't do something better... ;_;
[Image: l9zKYHF.gif]
Noticed a trend where when I work everyday consecutively my posts actually get worse. That's crap. Time to push through that and hold myself to a better standard. Dear shitty seizure helmet-Templar, I declare you my zero.
[Image: 17307211582_02a1c9f9ac_c.jpg]


Doing rendering work for a client. Not my lines, but using this as an opportunity to work on rendering.

initial values pass:
[Image: 16707519393_67a0d3732e_c.jpg]

color pallete:
[Image: 17120322277_de0642eb33_c.jpg]

quick value study
-original image by Marko Djurdjevic

[Image: 17153189170_74efb6c7fa_c.jpg]
Andrew Loomis value plan
[Image: Abstract+Squares.JP]

[Image: 17165257819_e0abf00839_c.jpg]

[Image: 17348596651_fc69e47138_c.jpg]

Drawing looks sweet! Although it took me a second to realize they are holding candles, Thought they had glowing thumbs up. I think something like a lantern would look a lot more fitting!

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Did some more work on the monster line up's lighting scenarios. Not super happy about the results, so I'm gonna delay posting till I get it into a spot where I feel better about it. the mean time,
[Image: 17176725360_3d7a0ecdd6_c.jpg]

I like this last sketch a lot, you should render it sometime :D

Trying to couple passes. Learning and stuff...

[Image: 17376222415_0de5925934_c.jpg]

Spent the majority of the night working on more of the sketch above; A lot of time trying to get the local values separated from the rest, undoing a lot of the lighting stuff I did previously. Screwing up and learning stuff. Yay?
probably should start working on planes a bit more, think it would help a lot with lighting stuff. ;\

[Image: 17201749219_5c16f41db9_z.jpg]

[Image: 17385960882_0cbb9f1f2f_c.jpg]

Gross. I sleep now. z_z

[Image: 17211468097_47e4906e69_c.jpg]

good work on the museum, I would've been hanging from a tree.

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thanks mang. learned a couple cool things along the way.

derp day. sleep foeva. starting to feel burnt out...
*crawls back in hole* z_z

[Image: 17447630102_72bd0f575f_c.jpg]

more enviros stuff
couple more ideas I wanna notch in.

"be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise"
[Image: 17263428519_2dd3943941_b.jpg]

Nice drawings & painting you got here. One issue i with you value is you're muddying them up. I'm suffering from the same thing sometimes. Think about the base value & then the shadow. Like a black object will have less contrasting shadows, like the value range might be 8-10 (including the highlights), but a white object will have a full value range. Hope this helps. Keep posting!!

creek-bed thing

[Image: 18329450932_19b6fb3fe0_c.jpg]

-back from summer madness!
I wanna start throwing down with more traditional. O_o

[Image: 20176599518_4dc031fe0c_b.jpg]

Ugh. I thought the camera on my new phone would be better. ;|

hey! nice studies! keep pushing it watch out for the proportions on the figures and all that jazz.

p.s. sorry i missed your stream i'll try to catch it next time. :)


Head/form studies from earlier in August:
[Image: 21750101222_a1ea87d237_b.jpg]

perspective tilt.
trying to match the lighting a little too. I'd like to do tighter versions of these, but also don't want to get caught noodling details for hours.

[Image: 21574754259_9c4952c72b_b.jpg]

Light/inclination & Comp studies.
[Image: 21143777683_45bf0a6c80_b.jpg]

[Image: 28654010194_6d449cc1ba_b.jpg]

[Image: 28393048660_acfae7e918_c.jpg]

Hey folks! Missed you guys! <3

some sketchies; one old, one new. Trying to focus on getting better at keeping consistant perspective and thinking in form with these.

[Image: 28565771796_5d59af2f6b_b.jpg]

"You don't know his name, only echoes of half-forgotten things. Repriever, they call him, but of who? Parhelion, they sing, the False Star. He does not burn. He knows the demons by their names. Who is this relic? He simply is."
--part of the DnD series of commissions I'm doing for a friend! :}

[Image: 28565774106_f62b9437ce_b.jpg]


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