echo´s sketchbook
Nice studies man, the helmet blew me away.

I'm really liking your improvement, keep up the good work.

@crackedskull @desirulz123 Thank you guys! :)

Took a break from some studies I'm currently working on, and did these fast (terrible) character-design sketches. No reference, just for fun! 

Sketching faces,

This is a painting of my gf. I was using photos as reference for some parts the rest is pretty much from my imagination.
I tried to get some of her personality in there and I think I kinda succeeded, however the hair doesn't got enough weight and it looks like it's floating in the air, and I also think that the arms is a bit out of perspective.
It also is a bit too digital looking for my regular taste but it was really fun to do this one:P But anyhow I learnt a thing or two :)

Progress shot from last painting. Forgot to save the beginning progress of it tough.. Meh

Quick environmental

Decided to zoom in on this one... cleaning it up from the particles flying around him, yet made him more detailed.. I think it is better now

Fantastic studies you got going

Scream at what I'm doing wrong in my sketchbook
it helps a lot
Thank you Vornag! :)

Done some traditional sketching today, mostly forms and anatomy, nothing worth putting up but yeah.. Also started a new master study. This time a piece from Craig Mullins, his paintings is amazing so I thought I should study him! Only laid out the main values yet but you get the idea. now of to bed! :)

I haven't drawn much this weekend, but did some minor progress on the Craig Mullins study, also did a female robot sketch, thinking about painting it. we'll see!

Hey, loving the value studies and work that's being done in here!

This latest master study is killer. Really nice job getting down those soft forms and shadows. These last two updates show some serious progress.

Aside from values and color, I think you might benefit from working on your line-work/construction. There are proportional, and some basic drawing issues that could use some work. These would really improve upon the painting work you've been putting in.

This last drawing here is a really good step in the right direction in terms of construction. Other than that, just be mindful of your value separation, as there are some muddied tones/values in more of your personal work.

Whatever you're taking away from that master study, I'd say it would be a really awesome idea to go and apply those techniques to the female robot!

Keep up the good work! :]

Thanks man! I know my linework and construction is pretty bad, I´ve been postponing it for a while tough, I should definitely start working on it, I needed that extra push! I will also look into the value separation some more, Thanks again! :)


I see you did a few color pieces since last time I looked in here. Man, do your value excercises show on those! There is still lotsa room for improvement, but you seem to have a nice foundations to work with.
Definitely keep going!

@Baoto Thanks man, will definitely keep pushing for more improvement!:)

I've Done some traditional sketching lately, nothing much but I've been trying to improve my lines and perspective. Nothing worth putting up tough, I will keep posting soon again!:)

Haven't felt much for drawing lately, but I did a very quick paintover from a movie screenshot (I bet you can guess which one, i´ll give you a hint, it involves a desert wasteland and cars). 
Im trying to get drawn back in to my usual habits, pun intended!  Wink Well here we go:

WIP - photostudy, feeling a bit rusty so i'm going really slow on this one :p 

Hey man, some cool shi- up in here!

I feel like this post can help you out a lot

As well as studying structure. Structure is _everything_ and the more you learn about it, the more your characters will look solid and real. Also, it'll help when painting and deciding what edges to actually use.

Keep burning it up, <3 !


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