The 10000 Hour Rule - Art Edition - 7626/10,000
So, some recent stuff real quick.

Loomis Studies
[Image: cb02e76e.jpg]

[Image: 78855c65.jpg]

[Image: 335f6d74.jpg]

This is as far as I'm gonna push him now. Gonna start something new, maybe revisit it when I'm a bit less shit.
[Image: 987ce2ee.jpg]

[Image: 66d2d183.jpg]

And some imagination stuff from this evening, god I suck
[Image: 796a885e.jpg]

Recent stuff.
Finished this pencil thing
[Image: bcea6672.jpg]

Tried a new type of study (so hard, jesus)
[Image: a97f25c2.jpg]

And some speed portraits, trying to get faster. So, 15mins
[Image: d7881e83.jpg]

And 30 mins
[Image: 1a70c5af.jpg]

So, a few more speed portraits from today
30mins for these
[Image: 66b98ad9.jpg]
[Image: 652b4fc0.jpg]
[Image: 81de1949.jpg]

Then a 45 min one
[Image: 9c15ece4.jpg]

And spent about 2 hours on this, from life.. Maybe they helped? This felt more natural anyway. Who knows....
[Image: 4c7480e1.jpg]



Worked on a semi imagination thing based on the life drawing from yesterday. Going to follow the [URL=""]Concept Art 101 excercises on CA[/URL] from ages ago. Something to focus on.
[Image: 8704a0fb.jpg]

A sketch from last night, I hate stuff like this, because I just feel disgusting afterwards. I have a plan to get better though. Just you wait...
[Image: 36c7b6fb.jpg]

Self portrait from today. This is ridiculously awful... So, taking a leaf out of Hannes' book, I'll be doing a self portrait every day for the rest of summer (105 days). Stay tuned for awful drawings.
[Image: 65ace699.jpg]

Finally, some sketchbook stuff, all imagination. Still awful : D
[Image: aa4e57c4.jpg]

Nice squirtle dude. You've got some nice sense for rendering but I agree I think gestures and perspective practice would be a big help to get a better feel for proportion and construction. Looking very nice so far man, keep it up. :]
Had to get a few non arty things sorted today, so as a result, got very little done. But yeah, here's what I've got.

Loomis from the last few days.
[Image: f5c45e11.jpg]

And another self portrait. 2 and a half hours I think.
[Image: 8ca5de05.jpg]

So, lots of little shitty things today.

30 second posemaniacs
[Image: 876cf1ac.jpg]

Gesture Studies
[Image: 767acfd9.jpg]

Imagination figures
[Image: 955ceda6.jpg]

Been looking at some animation fundamentals, pretty interesting
[Image: 2bab0c68.jpg]

[Image: 1caeb03b.jpg]

Little animation
[Image: 34bddd41.jpg]

Started this as well. No Refs yet, dno how far I'll go with it.
[Image: 6b6ba37a.jpg]

And self portraits for the last couple of days.
[Image: 245ddeb0.jpg]

Forgot how much I loved markers. So fun
[Image: edd5370a.jpg]

So yeah that's all. <3

hey dude, i really like your will to improve, thats the way, and its starting to show!!

i think you could use some masters copies here. that's how they did it, and it worked, so thats how we should do it. the thing about pictures is that they'll get you touch with photoshop quite right, but you wont get to solve the visual problems.

Set up a crop of any of Velazquez paintings, and copy it, try to see how he did his thing. how he rendered shape, what he pushed back, what he highlithed. I say to start with Velazquez since he has a really good dark/light play(did you get it? if not reply me), he breaks down the figures into shapes of dark and light, and that is nice for you to understand how to solve shapes and how he depicted the figure.

at google you'll find plenty o'good stuff, and there's Art Renewall Center too, with lots and lots of old masters works.

Pedro - Thanks for taking the time to comment. I did read the comment this morning, but forgot about it. I might start a master study tomorrow. You're totally right though, I definitely spend a lot of time wasting brushstrokes, learning to be more considered could be very useful. I'll check out Velazquez. Thank you.


Another set of Loomis ready to upload.
[Image: 5951a910.jpg]

Worked on that character some more.
[Image: 40d4ede1.jpg]

And today's self portrait
[Image: 34b944a5.jpg]

it is really nice to see your effort and will in studying! that's the way!

Pedro - cheers man. Thanks for recommending the master study btw. Loved it. And Velazquez is awesome. Thanks.

Stuff from today, kinda choppy day, got some animation and website work done though been trying to do that along side my painting. Not a total waste of a day. ;).

Self Portrait, about an hour I think
[Image: e0480e5a.jpg]

And a master study of, as recommended, Velazquez's work. Loved doing this and think I learnt a fair bit. Gonna apply it tomorrow. Might start another one soon and push it further as well. About 5 hours on this.
[Image: d33b8ae3.jpg]

[Image: 1d0d4a7c.jpg]


That's a legit Velazquez study! Next time focus on saturation levels, if you can beef up your saturation a little, and balance it with some muted tones, you'll get that nice fleshy feeling of the paint.
Corey - Cheers man, yeah while I was working I kept losing focurse. I'll bear that in mind next time. :)

Today's Self Portrait
[Image: 22ab8e47.jpg]

Working from imagination on top of it. Fuck I want a badass beard
[Image: 8b38d6c1.jpg]

Load of gesture work. Alternating 30second posemaniacs and 1 minute imagination

[Image: 40169474.jpg]
[Image: 554d9a43.jpg]
[Image: 7e813af2.jpg]
[Image: 97233f07.jpg]
[Image: f3b45dc8.jpg]
[Image: b910ffc5.jpg]
[Image: 4558eb71.jpg]
[Image: 091f29fa.jpg]
[Image: ea8ace06.jpg]

And a sketch from tonight. Kinda enjoying this guy.
[Image: e33075e5.jpg]

yeahhhh dude! portraits are getting better and better each one ! Keep going !
Nice Sketchbook , you are really improving like a boss :p .
Next time you do a still life you should set up your own lights , etc so u can control everything better .


JerryActric- Cheers man, definitely learning stuff. Aiming for 100, so we'll see how they're looking by then ;)

dontfeeddirk - Thanks, yeah should try and get hold of some decent lamps really. Everything's just lit by my super yellow room lights atm, not ideal.

Not managed to post for a little bit, my bad. Here's the recent stuff though.

Self Portraits
[Image: afd8ab10.jpg]

[Image: f2cdbf10.jpg]

[Image: 80065c3c.jpg]

[Image: e5b96f78.jpg]

Gonna do another Master Study soon I think, made such a difference last time.

Few more posemaniac things
[Image: aad90158.jpg]

[Image: 19a8f096.jpg]

Some marker pen studies
[Image: dcb96530.jpg]

Imagination(ish) looked at a photo once, then drew from my head using it as a starting point. Quite like this approach because I have to think for myself, and not use the ref as a total crutch, but it also gets me over the hump of not knowing what to draw.
[Image: 6438c0f7.jpg]

And a tiny bit of work on this guy, gonna leave it like this, don't really like it, so Ill start something new I think.
[Image: c0693218.jpg]

That's all for now folks! :)

Shitty day today, but my website's taking shape at least.

Here it is:
[Image: df92cb61.jpg]

[Image: f33e2280.jpg]

Stuff from my animation book

[Image: 33c76390.jpg]

Motorbike Studies

[Image: b6c5a7a1.jpg]

I jacked the highlighting style thing from someone elses anatomy studies, their name escapes me, but if you see it somewhere else, they did it first, and their stuff rocks. But yeah.

And today's self portrait.. it was rushed, I'm a terrible person. Ooops.
[Image: 0ff3b462.jpg]

Been in London all day today, so not a huge amount to show.
Bit of Loomis
[Image: 4f910704.jpg]

Drawing people on the tube. The key skill here's not getting caught. So fun.
[Image: 82f78142.jpg]

[Image: 492d8e6a.jpg]

[Image: ab088f6e.jpg]

[Image: e2bbe42b.jpg]

[Image: 52d9c4dc.jpg]

[Image: ab8ab070.jpg]

Had some stuff in my other sketchbook, but can't find it now. Ho hum.
Today's self portrait. Got a load of hair chopped off :O

[Image: cf15b155.jpg]

So, new stuff. Working on a fun illustration atm. Well, started it anyway. Should make more sense soon enough.
This is all from the last few days.

Loomis Stuff
[Image: a289862c.jpg]
[Image: 2dbb18ef.jpg]

Construction Studies
[Image: 926f2a4f.jpg]

Self Portraits
[Image: ddf9b017.jpg]

[Image: 3d08b282.jpg]

[Image: 012a1345.jpg]

They're so horribly inconstistent. I need to really try and get the drawings right more I'm sure. I'm just not accurate at all.

Imagination stuff
[Image: d4623607.jpg]

And a super early sketch of this illustration :)
[Image: 4886ea66.jpg]

So, this is 200HRs, if anyone cares

Fuck, I feel like I should have been working harder for all that time. Definitely need to sorta look back and work out what I'm going to do from now on. Kinda floating around doing random bits at the moment.

Anyway, Today's stuff...

Self Portrait
[Image: c55d0d5d.jpg]

[Image: afaac383.jpg]
[Image: 11b233a9.jpg]

And a bit more work on that illustration. Not sure the gesture's working. But, I really have no idea what I'm doing... So yeah.
[Image: eb8b08df.jpg]

Actually.... Anyone got any tips for working on colour? I'm just so inaccurate, and I never seems to realise until too late. Guessing it's just something that'll become easier as I work on stuff for longer though.


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