Environment Design Rocks!
Holy Cow! There is some fantastic work in this thread!!! Seeing everyone's assignments makes me want to work even harder. 

Here is my week 2 assignment. I struggled this week because I was sick for a few days :/ Thankfully I finished just on time! I noticed that I struggle to make environments that are more accurate in perspective. I have been so used to making pieces that are more flat in nature. Need to start adding more architecture in my pieces. Also I still suck with narration. I have also noticed that most of my environments show a vast open scene. I dont have many pieces that show a close up of something. 

[Image: wZR0HZl.jpg]

Missed the deadline :(
Sorry :(
It is a good lesson for me though.Charged up for the next assignment :D

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(10-09-2015, 03:48 PM)Broadway Wrote: Awesome stuff everybody, crazy amounts of work happening in here!

Here's mine, I think I let the details get out of hand this week :/... also included notan thumbs that generated the ideas.

Man, I love these value sketches! I really like how you dealt with the perspective and how they look a bit extreme and work awesome (extreme compared to my neutral ones). 

I look very much forward to seeing more work on these!

Awesome job everyone!
ugghhhh I totally missed the deadline. :/ 

I just got home and thought i had more time left. i was looking at my own clock and forgot to convert it to NZT. gosh. i even rushed the 5th one so i could make it. but haha i didnt. I feel so bad. 

i admit, i found it difficult to do this cause 1. i have really bad time management skills and 2. still not so good with drawing. but I had fun, you know. 

Everyone's work looks incredible, also. You guys are all inspiration to me, keep up the good work. 

I know I didn't make it but i'd like to hear what you guys think. 

@Xiaogabe: Whoa, thanks man! I appreciate it. I felt a little out of my depth on these so I'm really looking forward to the crits (thanks Amit!!). Yours are really cool as well, I especially like the view up into the giant tree - definitely captured the "something massive" feeling!

@MehdiVdC: Don't get discouraged man, you have some really cool shapes going on there! That first one especially is really visually interesting so don't feel like you didn't get results. I can definitely see that one becoming a super rad piece!

Come tell me how to fix stuff in my sketchbook: Broadway's Sketchbook
Thanks a ton for the support Broadway, just gotta keep it going (y)

Total fail for me this week, messed up on the deadline and didn't get to finish all the panels!

Hey guys, great stuff on all the assignments. I know not everybody checks this thread, but I will probably post assignment 3 a bit later on this week. I've just had too much on to get it all together and crits are getting longer due to the nature of the work. So you guys get a bit of a breather for a day or two... :)

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@Amit Take your time! Personal affairs first. :)
Thanks so much for your awesome and honest crit, Amit. It's really appreciated.

It's going to help me, I think, but I'm absolutely trash at drawing from imagination and drawing accurate shapes-- I feel like a complete beginner when it comes to inventing scenes.

Like, drawing a silhouette of a little girl, I had no idea. I just drew what I could, lol. I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing. I can draw what I see, but can't seem to get it from my head.

I'll keep doing my best and try to keep these things you've been talking about in mind. The paintovers look awesome, by the way! Really appreciated. I think it's pointing me in the right direction. Hopefully when I use grids and such that I know what to do with them.


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@Book, Glad it was helpful! Yeah drawing from imagination is hard without the visual library and the hours built up for sure. But this is when using reference becomes really important. I have absolutely no issues with you guys using reference whenever it is needed.
"From imagination" to me, doesn't mean to me how most people seem to use it. To me, it doesn't preclude the usage of reference. Creating something from your imagination is more about combining things together, whether you can do that in your head before you make a single mark, or have to do it from various references makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to me.

It's totally fine to feel overwhelmed XD. Believe me, this shit is harder than it looks, so many fundamentals at once! Nothing worth having comes easily...so remember that when you are struggling. You are on your way to some good stuff :)

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Hey Amit! Thanks a lot man, for the crit/art direction a good teaching skills . Those pointers help to correct important aspects i am having trouble to consider as i work on sketches. Well, practicing is the way to go now. 

This is awesome!

Have a good one everybody!

Hi Amit, thank you so much for the critique on this weeks stuff! I appreciate it so much that you take your time to give all those explanations and pointers and that you're doing these paint overs. It's more than helpful to have it visualized like that.

I really hope that some day those perspective things will click for me...I think I have an okay understanding of the basics, but applying it is so hard for me, somehow. Like for example where to set the horizon line and stuff like that. I just don't really have a feeling for it, I wonder or better say I hope it's something that comes with experience as well...I've avoided drawing perspective, backgrounds and environments for years because I just couldn't do it and I couldn't stand how bad everything looked. Of course that wasn't exactly the way to make things better....*cough*. Now I'm standing here deeply regretting not having more practice hours down the road. Anyway, it's like you said! Nothing worth having comes easy, so I'm looking forward to the next struggles!


Re Amit's comments on using reference;

I used to think that using reference was somehow cheating, and it's cost me so much time and effort because I spent a lot of time expecting to improve by just trying to draw.

I still find myself trying to draw things and then wonder why I struggle, when I've got only the vaguest idea of what the thing I'm trying to draw looks like!

Ref makes a big difference, even if you just look at it and then work, or study an image but change the angles, ligthing etc, it all goes in, sometimes I just use it to see how the light will hit something, or what shape a certain thing really is.

Now I'm looking at stuff all the time too, out of windows, looking for the horizon line and vanshing points, When I watch films I look at how the shots are set up, sometimes doodling thumbnails later, so you can learn even when you're not drawing.

I think my point is, if you've never really seen something, it's a tall order to expect a drawing of it to just drop, so don't feel like you're cheating if you go dig up some reference, study it, then apply that, and over time you'll build up enough visual library that you can refer to that as well.

Thank you so much for the critique Amit!
Very interesting to see your perspective on how to improve it.
It was almost funny to me how quickly you achieved a better composition and values with just a couple of strokes lol can't wait for assignment number 3!
@monkeybit: No worries dude!
@Lurch: Word!
@Cyprinus: all good man! Yeah it can be easy to ignore things we find hard. I think you aren't that far off, having things click, just keep on it!
@Aumes: Awesome man!

Ok so I'm posting this here, for those following along that aren't registered. My apologies for not getting the 3rd assignment up and ready for you guys to get going. I had some unexpected short deadline work come up, and I've had to drop almost everything for this week. I will do my best to have it up soon so we don't lose momentum!

In the meanwhile, the weekly group stream is going ahead tomorrow 13 Oct @ 11am NZST. I will be doing the crits that I haven't yet been able to complete for week 2, live. Come along and feel free to ask questions about your own crits if you want to.

I will see how it goes, but I will probably give you guys a study assignment, to tide you over until I get assignment 3 up and running. It was going to be optional, but I think it's a great exercise to do in general.

Awesome, hope to catch you guys online!

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Hey Amit, thanks for your critique!

I has having an idea but I don't know if it's good.

Do you think is useful to recover the pieces and make the changes you've said to see the differences?

I'm thinking of doing it but I'd like to have another opinion of classmates or you.

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hey wasgodx: Don't see why not! If you don't mind working on old stuff again, then definitely trying to improve the comps with specific direction and thinking about some of the things I highlighted will solidify it in your brain!

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Oh, then I'll be doing that today. I've also been doing some Notan with switzerland photos, if anybody wants them for inspiration (they are the worst but) :D

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Even by looking at my classmates video critique, i have learned so much in the past 1 hours than i had learned in the past 6 months.Thank you so much for making all the video critiques available to all and devoting your precious time to teach us all.I feel very lucky.And thanks to all my classmates for their hard work and determination.


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