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kjefferson sketch book - KJefferson - 12-27-2015

I'm gonna try to be super simple here and just dump a very recent sketch.

[Image: tumblr_o007chkDpT1ux751bo2_540.png] [Image: tumblr_o007chkDpT1ux751bo1_1280.png]

Now, all I have to do is fix that hand and figure out what colors I need to use.. the source of light... etc...

Yeah, I'm freaking out already. XD

RE: kjefferson sketch book - KJefferson - 12-29-2015

Here are some ugly, and I mean really ugly, sketches and stuff. I'm less into the CG painting thing, as I'm more into cartoon-y, animation, semi-simple things. When I'm in the sketch/not-as-confident-in-this-stage, I tend to also suffer from, the "Why do they only have one eye?"-thing, too. I am so aware at how bad these look, especially the one with the two kids and one's standing, his proportions are so, so wrong. 

RE: kjefferson sketch book - KJefferson - 12-29-2015

Some other stuff! Some of it completed during this year, some of it a little older. 

[Image: CMAXhOuUYAAIwpM.jpg:large]

(sausage fingers....)

[Image: CAFFLYlU0AAZAwg.png:large]
[Image: B2JHxvpIQAAaH3J.png:large]
[Image: ByauQNFCUAIl2go.png]
[Image: BuZhgCuCYAAoGrN.png:large]
[Image: BizTnrECcAAlx21.png:large]

RE: kjefferson sketch book - hedgie - 12-29-2015

Hey and welcome to CD! You have some interesting pieces here. Your sense of color is quite strong, particularly in the last picture where you've achieved a cool atmosphere only using a limited palette.

Don't put yourself down so much though! The sketches you posted aren't bad, you just need to approach them with a little more confidence. Sketches tend to look more rigid and constrained when the person is overthinking it; so don't be afraid to loosen up a bit. If you do that then drawing the second eye won't be so daunting anymore either.

Keep it up!