kjefferson sketch book
I'm gonna try to be super simple here and just dump a very recent sketch.

[Image: tumblr_o007chkDpT1ux751bo2_540.png] [Image: tumblr_o007chkDpT1ux751bo1_1280.png]

Now, all I have to do is fix that hand and figure out what colors I need to use.. the source of light... etc...

Yeah, I'm freaking out already. XD
Here are some ugly, and I mean really ugly, sketches and stuff. I'm less into the CG painting thing, as I'm more into cartoon-y, animation, semi-simple things. When I'm in the sketch/not-as-confident-in-this-stage, I tend to also suffer from, the "Why do they only have one eye?"-thing, too. I am so aware at how bad these look, especially the one with the two kids and one's standing, his proportions are so, so wrong. 

Some other stuff! Some of it completed during this year, some of it a little older. 

[Image: CMAXhOuUYAAIwpM.jpg:large]

(sausage fingers....)

[Image: CAFFLYlU0AAZAwg.png:large]
[Image: B2JHxvpIQAAaH3J.png:large]
[Image: ByauQNFCUAIl2go.png]
[Image: BuZhgCuCYAAoGrN.png:large]
[Image: BizTnrECcAAlx21.png:large]

Hey and welcome to CD! You have some interesting pieces here. Your sense of color is quite strong, particularly in the last picture where you've achieved a cool atmosphere only using a limited palette.

Don't put yourself down so much though! The sketches you posted aren't bad, you just need to approach them with a little more confidence. Sketches tend to look more rigid and constrained when the person is overthinking it; so don't be afraid to loosen up a bit. If you do that then drawing the second eye won't be so daunting anymore either.

Keep it up!


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