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How to learn to draw and the importance of practical dialogue over mindless pratice
Hi Darktiste here i want to help new artist or more advance one to get rid of problem they might not be aware of and also offer them tool too think efficiently to develop there own process.

Read this before to get more out of this post

Use pratical dialogue.As you draw,talk to yourself in the language of line and shape .Look at the subject and avoid using symbolic representation of that object.Keep your message curious rather than judgmental

Use triggering word to direct your hand as you draw.Silently repeat a word inside your head to expresses the character of the contour you wish to capture
Use triggering word such as:Angular,sharp,long,rounded,intricate or bristly

Something to practice to avoid symbolic drawing:Draw blind.For time to time as you work, keep your eyes on the subject while continuing to draw.This will force you to see what in front of you instead of relying on symbolic representation of those object.

Restate rather than erase.When you correct error or distortions,merely draw the new lines alongside the old ones - If you do not erase it a good way to see where you restate mostly it will help you find area where there might be some problem in proportion and/or problem with describing the contour.

Choose seeing over knowing.Learn to concentrate on the subject rather then using premade idea of the subject when drawing from life.

Simplify shapes.When you're in danger of being overwhelmed by the details of the subject,squinting will make them manageable Then use simple shape such as cercle sketch lightly to capture proportion since you want to avoid focusing on the small detail that put you at risk of losing the bigger picture in simple term losing the proportion.

Look for shapes.Learn to see your subject as a series of interlocking shapes.Draw the biggest shape first and then the secondary and finally enrichment shapes by erasing from it changing it contour.

Believability by drawing exacly what you see.You will be able to draw specific,unique things rather then symbolized premade idea of a subject or stylize drawing that leak in believability.You will be better prepare for stylize work further down the line it is not a priority aslong as a certain degree of realism isn't there.

My personal mindset:

Each image start with an idea(a story) each image exist in a limited space inside the composition.A subject can be presented in many angle and in many situation but the artist as to be the master of each of is choose every dicision should renforce the story and illusion of an other world existing on the pages.
Keyword to remember: Story,Camera angle,Action

1.Simplify the subject into it simple geometric form
Use 3d form such as Cube,Cone, cylinder, Pyramid, sphere, wedge by combining and modify those form you can obtain an infinity of subject
keyword:Geometric form

2.Alway think like a sculptor
You start with simple geometric 3d form but it doesn't end there you keep adding new plane start to substract or add from to the form
Keyword:Sculptor mindset

Now that the general big form are in place it time to give it life it time to add the detail that say hey i am made of this and i can do that.
Keyword:Texture and pattern,''Believeablity'',materiel,function

4.Applying light and shadow
Keyword:Lightsource origine,Perspective(Cast shadow),Flat or rounded surface,Materiel reflectivity,Highlight,

Choosing color that pair well and create an harmony that please the eye and that renforce the mood of the piece by utilizing concept such as color symbolism.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.

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