Some distant stuff
Did these in a long distant past. 
Hard drive crashed so been very angry and depressed cause all my years work gone like poof from a dragon's mouth.
So i thought i should share these that i managed to scrape up.

The gang at DOD was really helpful.

Some feedback/crits would be nice coming from you humble souls.

Thanks for looking cheers!!! Smile 

Starting all over  again is gonna be rough.......lalala



It seems like you have a good solid grasp on a lot of things. Of course still plenty to work on- anatomy, perspective, but the main thing I would suggest is not to use so much black. True black barely makes an appearance in reality, and in painting its makes the whole piece dull and unnatural. You seem to have some great creativity, keep going!
Thanks Admbrns, much appreciated yes there's lots of work/study that i have to do. You see when i was much younger i just used to draw and draw not thinking about shape, values and so on lol. But it's something i am working on. What also helps me a lot is looking at other artists work, that's one of the things that give me inspiration and motivation.

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