FINALS! - Bloodsport 16- The Big Rig
Bloodsport 16 is here. the last two challenges have been working on your skills with design. this time were going to broaden it out and do a challenge on setting a scene with a lot of emphasis on MOOD and COMPOSITION. for this challenge, you are being asked to set up a scene as if it were a dynamic still from a movie, and composed on the traditional 16: 9 movie frame format. unlike an illustration, movie scenes are about pulling the viewer into the action and making us feel as if we are there, not merely showcasing the characters and designs in the blatant way concept art and fantasy illustration tends to. as always, there will be a lot of freedom in what you are able to do with this challenge. however, there are a few twists to keep it interesting.

imagine it is the high era of 80s movie releases. you have been hired to concept screens for a new blockbuster (can be fantasy, sci fi, horror, anything b-movie related in the 80s. think ridley scott and john carpenter.) it is your job to use the movie title to generate scene ideas with lots of mood and atmosphere to set the tone for the film. the image should encompass everything about the title, as if to sell the concept to the potential viewers.


your scene must not only be designed on the 16:9 horizontal frame format, but it must also push a strong mood or feeling, setting the scene. to achieve this, we are asking you to watch some of your favorite movies, look for ones you really appreciate and want to learn from, and then study / interpret them into your own work. if your scene is dark and foreboding, study a movie that achieves that feeling. on the other hand, if it is bright and uplifting , you will need to study a particular movie and a particular scene to properly convey that as well.


Because of our lovely guest judge (see below), this contests subject matter will be derived from a source material near and dear to our hearts. your scenes subject matter or mood MUST come from one of the titles on the following list: JUDAS PRIEST SONGS

Thats right. your scene, subject matter, and mood must be related to one of the titles of any JUDAS PRIEST song. not the lyrics or the album, just the song title. do anything you want- go as vague or as specific to the title as you see fit!



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