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I'm Jonny, gonna be 36 this year (2016). My goal is to make comics to inspire young people - I read The Alchemist when I was 15 and it really made me think more deeply about things. All my efforts on here are to get to that goal of creating stories that can help young people (and adults) understand wtf is going on in their heads, and in this crazy, beautiful, screwed up world we live in!

A bit about me: I Left school at 12, spent most of my life on drugs after that, using harder and harder stuff as I got older, then from 2001 til 2010 I used heroin everyday, was sometimes homeless and my creativity was gradually smothered into nothing. I spent another year on meds after cleaning up and become completely drug free in 2011.

I always wanted to draw but from school it felt like you could either do it or you couldn't - my teachers gave attention to the ones who could and never told those of us that didn't that you just needed to practice - we just went in the corner and messed around with clay.

So, in 2013 or so I came across a thread on CA.org showing some guy's progress from absolute 0 to doing really good stuff a few years later. I was so amazed and what should've been obvious came clear that you just need to DRAW if you want to get good at drawing!

I had a baby daughter that same year and she gave me a strong resolve that I don't want to be someone who was just a little bit good at a few things, but not great at anything, who didn't have a career or a mission in life and I decided to start drawing like that guy on CA. Then some months later I found this forum! Since then, with everyone's help and support and a lot of hardwork I feel I am moving steadily upwards towards my goal!

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This was my first attempt:

[Image: OV0HOW7.jpg]
It took me about a week and at the time I was so happy with it

[Image: 7sP8u8o.jpg]
Practising anatomy (about 1/4 way through a 70 hour Udemy course by this point)

[Image: KzAAaN2.jpg]
First attempt at a value study from a black and white photo

[Image: 368FDjU.jpg]
Second attempt at a value study, focused a lot more here, really astounded at what I could produce if I took my time and worked carefully and thoroughly.

[Image: 4yJ7P1X.jpg]
I find linework on tablet the most difficult, really need to push myself to practise more, so here's me pushing myself and practising more.

[Image: KRgqueQ.jpg]
Bought the 'How To Draw' book by Scott Robertson, just practising some simple 2 point perspective and female anatomy (still not even halfway through my Udemy course yet). Where the shadows fall is inaccurate but it's fine for this.

[Image: 5oS0WN8.jpg]
Some more cartoony perspective practice / linework practice. I teach English to foreign students and will use this for a class. They have to read a text and draw what they read; I did this to show as an example of the correct placement of everything in the room. The text reads:

"Inpector Lewis pushed open the door and took in the scene before him. It was a large room with many expensive looking paintings on the walls. There was a huge French window opposite him with the curtains partly drawn. In front of the window was a large, wooden desk. Papers and files were scattered all over it. Some had even fallen on the floor. Behind the desk a chair had been knocked over. To his right Lewis noticed a dark stain on the carpet and to his left what looked like a long silk scarf had been thrown down carelessly. In the centre of the room lay a gun. There was no-one in the room. “Now where could the Prince be?” wondered the Inspector."

It was a pretty fun exercise for myself to do to practice drawing!

[Image: vzy8Gym.jpg]
This is one of my most recent things. It's a value study that I coloured, the man is Josei Toda, Sokka Gakkai Buddhist organisation former president and it was a bronze statue of him that I photographed at the SGI-UK headquarters. This will be used to make welcome cards for members of a course this summer. I'm happy with it, the composition is good, I believe, the values look pretty good to me, it looks like a brass statue. The graphic design with the text looks a bit dodgy. I would like to take my stuff to the next level and improve the detailing - some bits of it look metallic and inanimate (his cheek / lips) but other parts look too soft and fabricy (his robes).


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