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@JakeB Thanks for the welcome, I was looking through your sketchbook when I first found this site, the 10,000 rule always interested me; reminds us that the most important thing is to practice! Pretty inspiring to see how far you've come in 2 years, like all the sketchbooks on here.

Ordered a scanner last week and it arrived this morning, so instead of drawing I've been uploading my pencil & pen sketches. The concept of drawing something on paper and then being able to clean it up and paint it in photoshop is really exciting!

Here are some of them:


[Image: Y05mE1a.jpg]
Skeletons from memory

[Image: eLMDU70.jpg]
skeleton / upper body muscles from memory

[Image: tuyeuWV.jpg]
Arm from reference (Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Anatomy)

[Image: 2pM5poB.jpg]
Back from reference (Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Anatomy) - sorry if this one is huge, the BBcode resizing doesn't like this image~

Still Life

[Image: kdlEH3H.jpg]
Some of my daughters things; little sunglasses, little slippers, drinking cup

[Image: pAWC6k8.jpg]
PS3 controller (drew this before I started studying perspective and getting a handle on how to draw elipses in perspective)

Perspective (based on concepts from Scott Robertsons 'How to Draw')

[Image: OgG5kir.jpg]
Practising freehand perspective drawing - looks a bit wonky but I'm happy with the little characters.

[Image: V91BHLt.jpg]
Mostly freehand perspective practice, pretty happy with this.

[Image: V0wbmlX.jpg]
Freehand perspective practice, was a really tiny little sketch, turned out ok for a quick doodle.

[Image: lKmckIM.png]
Practising placing elipses/circles in perspective. Elipses are a bit wonky but it looks ok for now.

[Image: trR5hty.jpg]
Practicing placing circles in perspective and subdividing them, pretty happy with this (used a ruler to construct)

[Image: yzNL5VA.jpg]
Practising applying what I learnt in the last sketch - subdividing elipses. Also practising drawing in perspective when vanishing points are off the page. Mostly done freehand. Pretty happy with this, although I'd had grand designs to do a super detailed and textured castle. When I got to this point though I wasn't feeling the look so decided to leave it at that.

That's everything that's worth posting, posted! About 10 months of my journey. My future posts will be shorter and more infrequent. Any comments or suggestions are very much welcomed, or if you just want to say hi! please do : )

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