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Study goal today was perspective; restarted Scott Robertson's 'How to draw' from the very start. This time, since I am familiar with the concepts I'll do all my perspective studying freehand (before since some of the techniques could get quite complex I usually used a ruler).

Did 3 or 4 pages doing the exercises (parallel lines, connecting points with straight lines and curves, elipses & minor axis), then just the first few techniques covered today:

[Image: Na8Dccj.jpg]
[Image: YOblE9q.jpg]
[Image: PCqdOOB.jpg]

Then for my daily goal, some gestures with Sigma pen black felt tip. I really like the 'messy beauty' that can come out when using black felt tip for these.

[Image: l872mI8.jpg]

[Image: ExrIHiu.jpg]

[Image: WieBY7X.jpg]

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