Soluxos' art journey
@Artloader Soluxos,  Céline, both is fine by me :p And thank you very much! Well lately I've been really slacking though, anxiety and procrastination keep kicking in :/

Art stuffs incoming~


Crappy still lifes I did. I'm trying to paint these within a time limit, this time an hour. Buuut I feel like by doing that I can't get as much art juice from it, so next time I give myself more time.

[Image: RaodOPt.png]

[Image: xRWZGF1.png]
[Image: nSTWlRd.png]

RPG Challenge
I started doing the RPG challenge :D It was actually a 30 day challenge but I work at turtle speed so I gave myself the freedom to work 1-3 days on each topic. I'm going for an exotic fantasy-ish style with this challenge.

Day 1: Yourself as an RPG hero
[Image: 8S1aZU1.png]

Day 2: a villain
So this was super random. I was skyping with a friend and art happened :P
[Image: HG7rtMI.png]

Day 3: a companion/ sidekick
This one took me roughly four days. A griffin dude (:

[Image: cFHIVHu.png][Image: z6ylq7f.png]
[Image: A3pEilO.png]

Daily sketches
About the irregular numbering of sketches: I sometimes use other sketches/ WIP stuff from projects as a daily sketch but I only post them on my Instagram. If you want to follow me, my username is the same as my IG name c:

[Image: ykBTdzI.png]

Tried to be Kim Jung Gi for 5 minutes. And then lost motivation l o l
[Image: 1lggWk4.png]

Comfort zone crap. This is where my anxiety kicks in and I get scared to try new stuff ._.
[Image: dch6nem.png]

Back to values, I'll try to explore them more.
[Image: zuEHmiC.png]

I was inspired by movie screenshots so I decided to do something similair as well. I'm also trying to focus on my stroke efficiency, because  I tend to render every single pixel. Be gone, bad habits!
[Image: Eyn2avI.png]

Extending my comfort zone by practicing expressions c:

[Image: saJsIoU.png]

Aaaaand My art got bitch-slapped. This time by procrastination :D
[Image: gTKlhLF.png]

That's it for now. I'll be focusing on preparing myself to paint Lysandra's design by doing metal/armor, hair, skin and drapery studies. I'd love to hear what you guys think about my work, the direction I'm heading in and what my weaknesses are and other critiques and thoughts you have. Gotta art hard!

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