Dragons composition thoughts
(10-03-2017, 05:59 PM)Amit Dutta Wrote: Hey dude. A couple of quick comments.

First off dragon wings are a b*tch. SO easy to go generic shapes or not think out the form of them well and use the out of view frame/hiding connection points to gloss over the difficulty of the anatomy.  I recommend lots of studies to figure out the anatomy of various types of configurations for best effect. I know you can get away with a lot here and many dragon related art hide/gloss over this area, but I think you would be best served with getting dirty with it if you haven't already.

Couple of links to stuff I found useful

[Image: The_Hobbit_The_Desolation_Smaug_Unleashi...n_MA01.jpg]

Having said that, I think your wings don't hold up to anatomical scrutiny very well which might also help you determine how they orient and curve in 3D space. Seems like you have used them almost like an afterthought really.  I did a bunch of dragon studies and stuff for a recent book cover and those bloody wings did my head in.  
I think you would benefit from looking at the anatomy of the wings and connections to help you determine their position better.
I think compositionally the foreground wing could curve down and from left to mid bottom right of canvas diagonally more than it does and into the foreground more to give the comp more movement and more depth.
Other than that I have trouble understanding the placement of the legs and the hidden arm. Might be a shorthand issue, but I think as you go it definitely needs resolving.
Good luck!

Thanks Amit,
yeah Jae min kin has some of the best dragons
i definately dont wanna shortcut the anatomy, i dont have a deadline so i ill work it till im satisfied
i had some further rendered wings but i scrapped them cos the shape composition wasnt doing it for me..
ill keep trying and ill get there. thanks for the support!

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