MagneticScrolls Sketchbook - Starting from the beginning again
heya mate, welcome to the forum. Good on you for doing something proactive despite the difficulty and prior experience.
Loomis is great. Other good resources for practical exercises on fundamentals are has some great pay-what-you-like lessons on observational drawing.
Also Proko is good for figure fundamentals and has a cheap pay course that is supposedly very good. Free vids also on his channel.
Also check out newmastersacademy which has some great figure lessons for a cheap monthly subscription.

The ability to build things in perspective out of primitive shapes is key to all drawing for realism.
Loomis's Creative Illustration has a good section on perspective.
Ernst Norling's Perspective Made Easy is also public domain I think and is a good starting resource.

wrt your study with reference, but right after that, try to do the same again from memory alone. Examine where you went wrong in both against the original. Make written notes next to these areas. Thus will be a more effective way of understanding what went wrong and the mistakes you tend to make. Note that this is good for starting off / beginner studies. Later on, the focus for your studies may not only be on reproducing something accurately alone.

good luck!

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