Beginner looking for critique/paintover Update.1
Ok kewl, well then I'd suggest to try breaking your study focus down even more into those specific things.

1. Value structure. Do grayscale studies and tonal studies on their own. And since value is intrinsically related to form/plane changes, more focus on accurate structure will actually teach you much more in combination than if you didn't think about structure more accurately.
2. Colour: Plein air and still life still will be much more useful than photos, however with photo studies perhaps don't try and duplicate so much detail and instead try and go for the overall simplified effect (eg striped shirt on the woman, or hair on the boy).
3. Colour mixing can be studied much more efficiently if you just pick small specific areas of paintings or photos that you enjoy and to analyse and paint just those areas.

By combining all these together and then also trying to do it at speed, I think you are probably retaining much less information in the study than if you were to be a bit more methodical.

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