Beginner looking for critique/paintover Update.1
Hey all again. I spent some time learning on CG Cookie, and boy was I way off track. This place taught me the fundamentals of paintings and I learned more here than I did in college.... I learned shadows work harmoniously with light I.E cool light create warm shadows and vice-versa, I learned contrast with foreground and background, and  some other that I forget right now but will come back when I try to paint again. The site is mostly theory (the beginning stuff is) so there was only two practices with it. I branched out to the intermediate stuff and this is where all the actual painting is. Anyway, I'll post my two practices and the intermediate painting I did and in the order I did them and I'll await eagerly to hear from you guys again =D

P.S  Hey Amit, I took a boo at some of your work and I’m blown away. I was hoping to ask a question to a proffesional like yourself about the life of a concept artist. Back at college, my Photoshop teacher who dabbled in concept art told me he had to use the certain methodology of painting three (character) concepts in under an hour or hour and a half, and this stresses me out a bit. I found a nice indie company that seem to be easy going and relaxed, which is something I need, since my last workplace almost drove me over an edge I will not be repeating over this website. Is the fact that I have to paint so quickly true? If so do you have any exercises that I could take to  speed myself up (keeping in mind that I realize that you have stated that practice and pencil mileage creates a fast artist). If not do you know of any career paths I could take as a sketcher/painter? Concept art has always been something I wanted to do since I was a young’n but if I cannot handle the speed, I may have to do somehting else. Your help, including neo’s, has been greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how much ya’ll have helped me.

1.) Practice with colour shifting and how light works with shadow (no ref)
2.) Practice with textures and materials + colour shifting
3.) Taking a mat drawing or painting and and tones and textures to it (this was great b/c I have troubles with creating a well painted object outa my head) (Also the flat image is disney, the render is mine)

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