Beginner looking for critique/paintover Update.1
Thanks again for such great answers! I'll def check out your YT channel, Amit, as well as Scott Roberstons "How to Draw and how to Render" and “The Skilled Huntsman.” They both sound great. And thank-you Neo for telling me about Anothony jones, I’ll def check him out too. It sounds like really taking my time is exactly what I need. I’ll keep stabbing it studying and try my best to improve. I’ll keep posting my stuff and I’ll even make a sketchbook one of these days to post. I’m sure if got lotsa stuff lying about.

I’m not too worried about the design side of concpet art b/c I’ve already graduated from college in graphics design and advertisement with a 90 average (sorry for honking my horn here xD). I’m not saying I’m a prodigy but I should have the foundations of what I need to keep pushing myself towards my goals.

Thanks you again for all the great job ideas. Do you have any recommended ways of prepareing for/ have any insights for getting into any of the more entertainment based suggestions such as toy design or table top game design, or hell even the scientific drawing suggestion? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Seriously, thanks for all the great help. If theres anything I can do to return the favour, let me know!

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