Beginner looking for critique/paintover Update.1
A note: HTD and HTR from Scott Robertson are two separate books.

At this stage it's probably more useful to be focused on learning and doing consistent work, as well as figuring out what you enjoy. You may be all gung ho about concept art now for example, but once you actually start doing some it might change.

You need a folio to showcase any work. The work you show should reflect the work you are trying to get. Do your own work in those areas if that's what you really like. Sometimes it takes time to find what you really enjoy most and focus on for a while. Don't simply pick anything and do it for the sole reason that it's a job using art. Don't shotgun approach it (ie try to hit everything with a spray of mediocre art pellets).
The best tip is to do your own research, be persistent, set goals and hit them. It's usually a long journey to getting good enough , so be careful to not get too focused on immediate outcome or some point in the future when it all supposedly comes together, at the expense of your enjoyment of the learning process. Enjoy what you do every moment, and if you start to hate the amount of work or want to shortcut, it's probably a sign things are going off and don't bode well for sustainability in doing art in general.
good luck!

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