Crit needed
Hey, guys. This is something i started working on recently, at this point it's a rough color sketch. I don't have a good grasp of composition so if you could give some advice on how to make this piece better i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help :)

[Image: sketch.jpg]

Hey there Nestoronfire.

I tried doing a little paintover. But first I tried figuring out the problemareas:
First of all - right now, they almost have equal weight in the picture. The creature and the guy, which is further away have equal balance - making the monster not seem very intimidating. So:
[Image: 4gkr2b.jpg]

And my paintover:
[Image: 2e68o0k.jpg]
So, I did several small touches. I added some impact when the creatures hand is, as if it has just landed there - composition is changes and other small stuff is done. Hope it all makes sense and was helpful.

/Benjamin Bach
Hey Benjamin, thank you very much for the paint over man. I really didn't think anyone would reply so i started working on the piece. :)

The changes you made make sense, both the size of the warrior and the creature's hand smashing the throne. Thanks again man.

Here's where the piece is at right now:

[Image: sketch-1.jpg]


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