Will Warburton's sketchbook
Nice stuff, your working hard, and your clearly improving Man.

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@ ramalooke - Thanks man, if i get chance i'll work more into it ;)

@ Jonesoda - Thank you Jonesoda, i'm glad you think so ;)

Its been a prity starnge week or so. I was basically kicked out of my parents and made homeless so ive been couch hoppin till i sorted something out. So as you can imagine art has prity much taken a backseat. In fact, it's prity tough to imagine this ever working out, and kinda puts into context how risky and lame this life style really is.

Hey ho, heres some sketches

studies, trying to practice linework in photoshop
[Image: facesketch27th.jpg]

[Image: facesketch27th3.jpg]

[Image: facesketch27th4values.jpg]

team stuff
[Image: Yuliarisketch2.jpg]

imagination doodles and sketches
[Image: dungeonmaster28th.jpg]

[Image: moodmonster.jpg]

[Image: warriorknight28th.jpg]

Great work warburton!

I would suggest that you try fewer and longer lines in your linework. At the moment the lines are getting a little wobbly in parts which detracts from the overall appearence. Check Matt Kohr's tutorials over at ctrlpaint for some handy tips. I found his tutorial(/s?) on clean lines really useful and I think they would benefit you too.

Keep up the great work!!

Oh I second mactire's recommendation :)
Nice studies! Keep pushing a bit more for line quality and keep it up!

keep killin' it mate ;3 more finished stuff please xd

mactire - Thanks for the crit, and the tut came in very useful! I'll continue to work on my lines ;) and cheers again for stopping by

Ursula Dorada - will do! Thanks for the tip and for stopping by :)

rama - Not sure about killin it, barely get time to even sketch at the mo, but i'll do my best to follow your lead and improve like crazy.

Not much sorry =( just tryin to keep this thread alive.

[Image: ninjachick27th.jpg]

plus crap doodles
[Image: portraitwomenpurplepinkandshit30th.jpg]

[Image: monsterandchick2nnd.jpg]

that is all......

Keep pushing it man. I know how it is when you barely have time to do anything art related. Never Surreeeeeendeeeeer!

@Rama - Yeah dude it sucks, it's been a strange few months and it's crossed my mind on more than one occasion to 'get a real job.' Cheers for the constant support though, it helps more than you can imagine ;)

weekend stuff

Min Yum AKA Bumskee <3 <3 <3
[Image: bumskeestudy24th.jpg]

comp stuff, didnt realise how little i actually understand about composition 0_o
[Image: compstudies5th.jpg]
[Image: compstudies2.jpg]

team chal thing
[Image: guardiandoodle4th.jpg]

[Image: magechick4th.jpg]

I've been through that period. I was working shit jobs desperately trying to support myself (i didn't live with my parents). I literally hated my life and had no idea what to do with myself. Then I started drawing and things got better. It took me two years to get where I am. And don't take me wrong I'm still struggling and things are not even close the way they should be. But I manage to get to the point that I can live out of my art. And most important I have time to practice and get better. But you need to pass this period and somehow make things the way you want. The worst thing you can do is give up. Do whatever is needed to support yourself but don't give up on art. Feel free to message me on skype if you'll be feeling down. I'll give you a hug or solid kick in the ass to force you to draw xd.

And remember http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci9zoyV2M_M

Ramalooke - Thanks man, i really appreciate the support. I can't even get freelance gigs never mind support myself from art xD Anyways, as you asked, heres some kinda finished thing.

D and D displacer beast redesigned as an undead, for ca.org creature contest.

[Image: danddcreaturelowress.jpg]

It's definitely coming along. Loving the progression!
@ DavidSzilagyi - Thanks man, glad you like ;)

some stuff

team challenge stuff on CA.org
[Image: yulium20thumb20sketches_rob_sony_warburton.jpg]

studies, working on line work alot

[Image: chicksketch11thface.jpg]

[Image: chicksketch11th2.jpg]

[Image: chicksketchfaceblahhhhhjkklajakj.jpg]

colour environment studies
[Image: snowenvironment12th2.jpg]

[Image: environmentcolourstudy12th.jpg]

[Image: starwarsfilmstill10th.jpg]

[Image: starwarsfilmstill10th2.jpg]

bedtime broken shit anatomy comp doodle
[Image: blackwidow.jpg]

Yeah, push it! Love your team chall sketches. It's such a wast that I couldn't participate ;<

nice going and yeah I missed the team chow thing too....

@ ramalooke - yeah dude, i must admit doing a team collab with yourself did cross my mind. Its prity fun and you learn lots from the artist your working with by sharing ideas and stuff. Maybe in the future we could sort something out.

@kidult - cheers man, its never too late to get together with another artist and do a collab piece. Its alot of fun and it makes you change your thought process and think outside the box abit. I'm sure theres a section on CD for finding a buddy. Cheers for stopping by again.

some random stuff

[Image: environment14th.jpg]

[Image: poopfilmstudylegend14th.jpg]

team chal character thing, practicing linework. Rob Powell's design.
[Image: guardianlineworkrobsdesign.jpg]

imagination stuff
[Image: andriodchick14th.jpg]

[Image: swampgraveplaceenvironment14th.jpg]

[Image: evilbunny17th.jpg]

Nice stuff. Try adding more contrast into your images. Overall i think yout personal stuff have to low value range. You may want to do some value studies. Team chall stuff looks nice. And I like this creature dude ;3 Keep pushing it.

hey nice work, keep at it. I think I can agree with what Ramalooke said about contrast and value range.

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@ ramalooke - Thanks again dude, i'll work on my values some more lol... So much to improve on, it's tough sometimes knowing where and how to tackle it all.

@jonesoda - Hey man, thanks for the advice, i'll be sure to work on the values and contrast in the near future ;)

This weekend i have been hammering the linework. Pencil stuff is a ballache to scan but drawing in photoshop has been blowing my mind. I never really understood how people managed to get really clean and crisp lines (i still don't really when you see it in environments and machines) but i think it's becoming more clear.
Ive also been trying to add the lines into my rendering practice. Before, i generally just do a rough sketch and work on top of it as a guide, instead of actually using the linework as a main structure for the whole painting. Its tricky wrapping my head around it all.

Anyways, heres some weekend stuff
[Image: piratechickdrawing17th.jpg]

[Image: piratechickdrawing17th2.jpg]

[Image: minyumsketch18th.jpg]

[Image: blackwarriorchick18th.jpg]

[Image: frogdudeinthebar17th.jpg]

mind stuff practice practice practice
[Image: piratesketchthingcolour17th.jpg]

[Image: kidsketch18th.jpg]

team chal stuff
[Image: guardiancolourvariations17th.jpg]

Cool man, some of these characters are pretty sweet. I like where that boy link type character is going and the team challenge comin out sweet as well.

Nice update man. I can see some improvements going on. Good job ;3


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