Portrait Speedpaint challenge
In February and March, Newsha organized two great speed painting challenges on DA.
I feel those challenges really pushed me forward and I want to keep on it.

So some daggers (Angelique, Egbu and RockOnGuy and me) had this idea to have a few images we choose to do for the month.

The challenge is hosted on DA. http://fav.me/d57gpy2

We chose some portraits and you can do them in any order and when ever you can get a study done. Same rules apply, 2hr time limit, no tracing, no color picking. Goal of this challenges is to focus on the relevant parts - therefore the time limit.

The theme of this is Portraits for the rest of this month.

Anyone can join in and practice, just add a comment or send a note of your work! ^^

If you have a good reference portrait that fits into the challenge feel free to add links to pictures that should be added - only stock or own pictures please...

Have fun!


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