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hi there folks! I starting with putting up som old stuff, I will do my best to update this page everyday with sketches & studies hope i get some nice Crit & Feedback from you all!

P.S when it comes to crittic, please be as blunt as possible, understand better that way xD

[Image: testPhotoDrawing02.png]
[Image: testPhotoDrawing01.png]
[Image: GreebKnigt.png]
[Image: policia.png]

[Image: snowdude.png]
[Image: landscape03.png]

[Image: marineHead.png]
Hey Sverks, good sketches wish to see more stuff.

some knight sketches

[Image: knightSketch01.png]

[Image: knightSketch02-2.png]

not much to say accept that I need to do some light & Color studie before i contiue with this one

[Image: knightSketch03.png]
[Image: knightSketch03.png]
Some Dragon sketches
[Image: DragonSketch01.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch02.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch03.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch04.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch05.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch06.jpg]
cool stuff, great to see people putting in hard work esp with plenty of sketching. I like where your style of painting is going as it evolves I think it will be really nice.

Hi JohnHop! thanks for the feedback really helps one to keep grinding xD

Some Swat guys sketches
[Image: marinesketch01.jpg]
[Image: marinesketch02.jpg]
[Image: marinesketch03.jpg]
[Image: marinesketch04.jpg]
been quite busy lately but managed to draw some before bedtime[Image: DragonSketch07.jpg]
[Image: DragonSketch08.jpg]
Love the way you're goin about doin your studies. All those dragons and lizards are just great. keep up the beauty
Your studies are very gestural. I just love them!
Lovely lines man. I should try something like this, seems fun!

oh wow. love the line sketches. need to try this on my own. looking forward to se more xd

thanks for the replies you guys, rely gives a boost to continue on drawing.
Gonna continue improving my drawing skills even more now xD
Nice start here. I really like your sci fi stuff. They all have an interesting look paired with the loose, traditional-esque rendering. One small crit: in the first post, all of the gray, presumably metal material, it all looks a little flat as far as the local surface goes. Maybe add a little bit of texture to them and/or just bump up the contrast a little some areas.

Really nice work though and keep posting!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Quick sloppy fanart Before bedtime

Bane from the Dark Knight Rising

[Image: BaneFanArt.jpg]
Some studies on knight armour
[Image: knightpaint04.png]
[Image: knightpaint05.png]
[Image: knightpaint06.png]
Some face Studies

[Image: faceStudie01.jpg]
[Image: faceStudie02.jpg]
[Image: faceStudie03.jpg]
[Image: faceStudie04.jpg]
That Bane came out beautiful and of course, cool line drawings. I can see you're having some trouble with heads and faces at the moment, just keep doing those construction/Loomis studies and you'll get it down. Also, try to focus on some face proportion studies as well; some of them are just a tad bit off. Keep up the hard work.
yeah the proportions are way of, didn't notice it before I read your comment xD Thanks for the critt man!

more face studies, took some time to read Andrew Loomis book "Drawing the Head & Hands" thoroughly
[Image: faceStudie06.jpg]
Just on sheer volume you're doing good man. Liking your line drawing stuff. But yeah, could maybe benefit from a bit more loomis work. I'm exactly the same lol.

Btw, the lizards and dragons and stuff up top. Awesome. Keep it up man :)

[Image: xenoSoldier.png]
[Image: marineheader.png]

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