The End Is Extremely F****** Nigh
[attachment=102][attachment=102]Hey guys,

This is my latest painting....

Any critique or feedback is welcome! :)


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Cool image. The zombies look totally bitchin, but the main characters face makes him look kind of goofy and cartoonish. Even if thats your intention, the bald zombie looks so damn realistic, making it clash.

Ørjan Svendsen
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Very nice. I agree with the characters expression, but then again it gives of a feel like he's cornered or something. Like the shot was taken right as realised there's no way out.

Cheers guys! Its good to get some feedback on the expression of the main guy. I think I'm ok with it coming off a bit goofy and maybe a little light hearted although hopefully it doesn't clash too much with the rest of the painting. I kind of wanted to capture "oh fuuuu!!!!" moment with him.

This is great, could be a scene from a Z-grade zombie movie.

My only critique is that I didn't see the hand grabbing his arm until I had looked at it three times I guess it read as an armband or watch. If this is important to the narrative the grabbing could be tweaked with contrast or colour or recropping to be in there more prominently as the 2nd or 3rd read after the face...

Thanks Sprayah, yeah you make a good point. The hand grabbing the guys arm is important as it belongs to the character the main guy is looking at. I put a glove on that hand as I wanted the viewer to be able to be able to think about whether its a zombie grabbing him or another dude and make their own story around it. In hindsight this was probably a bad move, It should be readable immediately to get the narrative across.

Yeah this is really good... one thing that is driving me crazy about the main character's face is his mouth - specifically that I can't quite read what is going on with it. I can't tell if it's his tongue I'm seeing on the inside or..???

Keep it up!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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I`m a sucker for zombies!
But you nailed the feeling of helplessness of the situation he is in with the facial expression!

Great job buddy!


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