Daggers Environment's #1 Apocalypse
Ok so Atrenr posts these challanges where you design creatures so I though why not Environments and Landscapes so yeah.
So what if the world did end in 2012 what would be the cause,Meteor rain or Tsunami's or even if humans caused what would the pinnacle of this chaos look like what kind of Landscapes and vistas would be created in the Horrifying yet beautiful destruction of man so the topic is : Apocalypse

-No photo manipulations I want you guys to paint one of these Landscapes.
-However Photo Textures are allowed.

-It does not have to be dark or fiery interoperate Apocalypse it as you like
-Do some studys to gain something out of this ;)
- Have fun :D

Deadline :16 Jan

I'll try and squeeze something in !

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Sounds interesting Jack and i'm going to try and take part in this one.
Good luck to everyone taking part.

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I could get in on this, two weeks is plenty of time and my activity has really been lacking on daggers.. New year, new leaf I guess :D

I'll try too.
I'll pass on this one for now but will be keen to do the next ones :D

Hi! Here's my entry.

Hey, here's my entry along with the study I did, where i concentrated in the foreground. Would've like to have spent more time on it... next time i guess :]

This challenge is a great idea,but I didnt have much time for it :/
So I just did one quick 15 min sketchy.

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Thanks guys these entries are awesome great work :)


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