Crimson Characters #4 - The Forest Shaman
Long ago our shaman left the village to commune with the spirits deep in the forest to the north. Weeks passed with no sign of her before we sent a search party. A single man returned saying he had found the shaman deep in the forest, unsure if she was still human. The man disappeared shortly after claiming the seer granted him visions of his future. Winters came and went and the shaman became legend. No one knows if she is still out there or even alive, but occasionally a young adventurer will go searching for his or her future, not to be seen again.

  • The shaman is a woman.
  • The shaman is otherworldly.
  • Wips are welcome, but try not to spam updates.

  • Do a study to apply to your character and learn something!
  • Please keep your images to a reasonable size, not to large not to small.
  • 70% of the character must be visible.
  • Backgrounds are optional.
    Have fun!

Next round starts: Hiatus.
Oh sweet will def submit one for this.

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Going to get in on this, my idea is basically shes going to be a type of inuit shaman, so I plan on doing lots of whale bones and dream catchers and stuff of that nature going to do some more research, but the idea is when she went out to speak to the spirits the evil spirits found her first and took hold over her, im playing with the idea of a bear spirit or a wolf type spirit or even she gave birth to a spirit that impregnated her and now watches over this evil child who has poisoned her mind into slaughtering any adventurer to her "son" still just rough ideas for poses and such its late so start fresh tomorrow morning after a few studies.

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mwahaha one of my fav themes...>:D
well...i'm in an art block or wut , so these days i only practice anatomy...
but i wanted to do something for this challenge, so here is some tenouos chars...

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omg, hold! Th_117_ these are all awesome, I really like #2! I hope you get through the block soon <3

well...I feel like my stuff is blown out of the water :P

awww, thanks! /hug
(ohmy...but they were really a hard delivery XD...)
about the art block: i know it is only in my head, so i'm trying to change my mind...and started running again and i can feel it's positive effect already...;>
Updated, don't think I'm going back to this, here's where I left it.

hi Guys here is what I managed for this event.

Idk if im too late to get in this one. I just joined recently and I wanted to give it a go even if it is too late I can always use it as a portfolio piece.

Here is the final. I spent so much time on the character that I felt obligated to do the background. Had to switch up the composition a few times, next time I keep her separate from bg.

when is the deadline for this challenge?
May I just draft traditionally, since I don't paint
@Michael Blackbear Uwandi - No deadlines, feel free to take part. Though I'm taking them back up and will be posting new characters.

@dave - Of course!

Hey here is my attempt at the challenge. I definitely learnt a lot whilst making this.


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