Bloodsports 4 - Bongo from the Gorilla Guardians!
[Image: ryanhumebongonographicsi.jpg][Image: ryanhumebongowithgraphi.jpg]
Very nice piece. I think You should add a little more light on the big gorilla's face though.
great lightswork, rendering and colours. Even composition is pretty neat as well as characters expressions. Good job man!
Love the light in this, great work.

I will probably buy one of this. Excelent. :D
Everything changes, nothing remains constant.
I loved this one when I first saw it in one of the other threads!

I kind of wish the background gorilla's finger was poised right on top of where the hat would be on the toy, as if he was about to push it... but I don't think it would make sense anatomically/compositionally.

Good work though!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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