THUMBNAIL ARTJAM #2 (#1 on here though)

So in February I threw an artjam on facebook asking artists to render out my loose thumbnail sketches. Lots of people seemed to highly enjoy the challenge and tons of cool ideas came about from it. So I figured I'd throw another artjam.

Here's a set of approx. 600 thumbs I did today

[Image: 480012_10200926698671047_1032793143_n.jpg]

Here's the rules:

I'd like to see any of these designs taken further and rendered out by different artists. I want to see how the ideas in my loose rough thumbnails show up when being done by another artist, and kind of see how much different the designs end up being and how each person's take on the design will be when it is pushed further.

I ask this because I know as artists and humans we all have different brains, and we may see something unique and different than another person who would view it. So given all these ideas are still very loose and rough I want to see how different artists would portray the ideas.

So feel free to take any of these designs and refine them and render them out how you would see fit. Then post it back up on here with the original thumbnail that you used for it to see how the designs compare between each other for thumbnail and final, and compare them between the other artists who choose to partake in this, also so I can see what things people would do differently than I personally would have if I were to render them out myself. Feel free to tag me in them as well on facebook so I can be able to see what everyone comes up with.

Enjoy and happy arting.

I wanna see what you all bring to the table for this.

best to download the file and view it fullsize so you can see all the thumbs properly.

here's the link to the high res thumbs https://www.dropbox.com/s/9d6yu7xpfuulnhd/thumbs2-.jpg

here's a link to my facebook so you can all post them up there https://www.facebook.com/TheSadPencil

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