Knut`s strange sketchbook
Welcome to my sketchbook!

I`m going to post studies and sketches and other stuff that will show my progress in this thread!

Here I give you a wonky shark used about 1 hour and its been a long time since i did something digital so be gentle!

I'm here to get better!

Here is also somethings i did last year!

Waddaappp! Post some studies :D

Yes Conny i will !

Second study for today about 1 hourish my forgot to start my stopwatch after a 30 mark 2 min break :O

The pose and the drawing is pretty good, I'd say the face could use some attention though. As well as the hands.

Yeah but I did like a deadline how fast i could do a study (in this case 1 hour)
But yes i need to work on faces and hands more!
Two from today need to do a lot more get better and start training my art muscle

Four 30 min studies i did inn between schoolwork! :D

Long time since i updated here on crimson daggers going to start updating regularly since I am soon done with my summer job :)

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Made an character for ChoW over at but did not finish it in time.

Some different stages

Hello totally forgot that I had a sketchbook here :S

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Haha Donald is awesome! Your studies look like they're going well. For the skulls you might find these Proko videos helpful:

They're technically about the head, not the skull in particular, but they should help with laying out the forms in perspective.

Keep rockin dude!

Come tell me how to fix stuff in my sketchbook: Broadway's Sketchbook

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