lots of animal bone structures and skulls, very useful as reference for creature design =)
Good place to grab some bugs.
Useful reference photography for specific plants and animals:
While looking for some armor reference I stumbled upon two forum threads absolutely packed with great pictures of armor from movies, larps, history reenactments, hobby blacksmiths, etc.

And to save you guys the hassle I rar'ed my armor reference folder and put it up on mediafire for your enjoyment. :)
Not so much a resource then as a tool to help eye strain-

Wouldn't recommend using while coloring, but linearting and reading should be fine.

Also deskpins is a great program to pin up windows to do studies from here's an example. It will pin up any window as the topmost window and you can work underneath it. It's also great for pinning up lectures or livestreams and working with them.

You can download it from here-
A big collection of photos of athletes from different sports, a fantastic comparison and reference for different body types.

[Image: athletes04.jpg?w=1200&h=]
Another alternative for timed pose references:

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Just something I stumbled across:


They're probably not in the right order :)
I just started a tumbler to collect inspiration and things I like:

also a few other tumbler's of photography, illustration, and design:

If anyone else has a tumbler or tumbler's they like, please share :D

Yes, I actually found some fairly realistic skulls at my local pet store Along with other cool props that's fairly realistic as well. So check your pet store and go and look in the aquarium section, you might find something really cool too.

Here are the photos of the sculpture at the Chicago Art Institute that I've been sketching:

Haha I chopped that up for tumblr Laura_H here's the source-

They have a ton of great tutorials.

Also this is really swank-
It's a non-glitchy color wheel for photoshop

Edit: Oh man this is just wonderful finally a Tablet Pressure Curve Tool!

Tip: If you edit your settings while your in a program it will mess with your pen settings until you exit and reboot the program.
I don't think anybody has posted these yet. Or I didn't look too closely D:

Thumbnailing tutorial

Khang Le Process (The guy behind Hawken)

Figure Drawing Process by E.M. Gist (Teaches at Watts)

Anatomy Demos by Kevin Chen (Founder of Concept Design Academy)

Anatomy Demos by Charles Hu (Founder of 3kicks Studio)

Production & Concept for Animated Films Library (:O)

Tutorial Process by Sachin Teng (does cool stuff)

Hi guys. I wrote a blog post on material theory according my brain. Hope it's useful..

Another neat 30, 60 and 90 second gesture drawing program. While it comes with some 3D models, the really cool thing about it is that you can import image files that are on your hard drive. If you've got loads of images sitting on your hard drive (or that pr0nz collection you keep for "reference"), you can put them to some good use with this 30, 60 or 90 second gesture drawing tool.

[Image: 2c0cw8.jpg]
Click the banner for more info!

Crimson Guardians group work thread
Daggers!!! I just uploaded a bunch of pictures I took of my hand with interesting light in hi-res, feel free to use for your studies! :D

Ah, let me know if it works, I didn't know where to upload this thing XD

Found this great forum for skeleton studies. The most perfect structure I've seen yet.
Hi guys I found Tons of resources here! Enjoy!
This is basically my folder of full bodied women photos I collected over the years that I usually use for timed gestures; some of the photos are quite large, never had the time to re-size them. Also, none of the pictures have any porn, only women.

Don't know how long it will last on mediafire but it's a pretty big file just pm me if you need it re-uploaded

600+ pics of full bodied women 100mbs:

300+ faces
Thanks Kaji for reminding me to post my second pack of hand references ^^;


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