PoringMaster SB
hey, still kinda new over here in the place and getting used in posting ; A ;
hello there!

Nice start and welcome to the forums! Not really a crit but, experiment with some soft edge brushes for blending. They can help out a lot for those smoother/soft things like skin and color shifts.

@atrenr: ah! true I should experiment more with the soft brush I tend to shy away from it


okay I'm a noob in uploading images D:
I'm getting used to it!
some more things that have been piling up :)

20min studies

Master studies

very nice colors.I really like the studies.Keep it up.I'd suggest to do some studies on hairs since it seems.On the laying female nude you seem to have missed that faint blue tint that goes on on top of things so gotta look out for those for future refference.Also can you be so kind to tell me the name of the figure artist you studied ?


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