Struggling with composition
Hi there

I seem to be struggling with the character's anatomy and getting the torso right, especially the breasts area, they seem out of proportion but I can't find a logical change to fix them that they look right, also, the waist and pants are a struggle to me.

Any ideas and suggestions? All comments and critique is welcome.

Thanks in advance all you awesome people!

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Worked a bit on the painting and came to the following result.

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I would suggest you to make the character smaller so it doesn't cut into the cape and the bow.Also Im no bow expert but there should be a rope tied to both ends of it no ?Lol jk. That aside I think you should concentrate on establishing light sources and values rather than the composition since this seems to be strictly a character piece ,rather than a scene of some sorts .You can add some trees in the back that lead the eye back in the character rather than the bow leading it out of frame.Other than that keep working on it.

I still need to add the string, yes, as for the light sources, my main light is coming form the top right corner, I thought that it would be a nice light direction since I'm right handed, don't know how I got to that conclusion xD. However, thank you for your guidance! I shall definitely put it to use and try your advice :D
If this is an illustration, my suggestion is to ditch this, do thumbnails. Pick one. Shoot references.

If this is a study, find references, work from them, use anatomy books.

I may sound harsh, but if you have no foundation, there isn't much we can do for you. If you have a comp you worked on and references and you are still struggling, we can help:)

No, you are not harsh, you are right. This one just started out as a random painting and then I worked on it a bit. It started taking shape and now I want to finish it, I never thought to do a full on illustration. You are right though, I should have done proper research before starting a piece, but I liked this one from just doodling out of boredom so I went with it.

Thanks for your help and I will put it to use :)

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