The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!!
i really like the amount of effort you are putting here mate!
And you are on a good path with this last practices, maybe you started with the pratices from Sickbrush class? i really recommend you to follow that class.

And practice, always practice there is no other way, for you, me and everyone else xD

Keep going!

EduardoGuaray:Thanks for dropping by man and yeah i'm following the sickbrush class.
Only a small update have'nt drawn much at all this week, had alot on and even in my free time i've felt to exausted to draw much.

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Nice man keep going! Just something I noticed in the study, try to reduce the distance between her shoulder and her head, "bring it in" the body. Lovely gestures, you getting a lot of the motion

Tonarinopunpun:thanks, been told before that I keep drawing my shoulders to long, keep making that same mistake thoughDoh

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Youre on the right path man. Construction is invaluable where you are, youre getting everything down great just make sure the basic shapes and basic build are correct. I can already see the improvement though so youre really on the right path.

Thanks vandall
bah, i've spent 3-4 hours trying to draw this disassembled fan and the thing's come out awful, so i'm gonna start it from scratch again either tommorow or the next day.

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Nice gestures mate! looks like you are drawing what you feel, and not what you see, and thats the way to goo with gestures!
Keep going! :)

That bug-tracing stuff seems interesting.. for a project or just for the hell of it? :)

Eduardogaray:Thanks mate, i'm really happy with how my gestures are tunring out recently,
except the 2 minute ones, they're a pain in the ass, I keep either rushing them or spending to long on them, can't find the middle ground haha.

Kaffer: Just for the hell of it :), they're an exercise from a ctrl paint vid for drawing around the form of an object and simplifying it into basic shapes although I would like to draw a picture based around bug's if I can think up an interesting enough idea.

Finally managed to draw a hat onto this guy been trying to draw it for two weeks.
Just messing around with the base colours on this right now, figure out what looks best.

LtPliskin over on c.a suggested I start studying hampton, picked his book up recently and so far I think i'm learnign alot from it, I have major problems with drawing poses from imagination and alot of the stuff he talks about in the first chapter(centre of gravity,balancing) seems like it should help alot.

Think i'm gonna redraw this, it came out good but I did'nt really simplify the forms into shapes.

Went to a museum last friday and drew some pottery, did'nt get much time to do anything else though so i'm gonna go up there again in a few more weeks to draw some of the statues there.

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Long time no update.
Mainly just doing more of the same, figures aaaand weird meth donkey kong becauseIdontknowwhy!.

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think i'm gonna set aside a day a week for only drawing from imagination, think i'm focusing to much on study's atm.
Bit of imagination work, left guy is a design for my dnd character who i'm going to draw a full body piece on soon.

Faces! So many Faces!

W.I.P for something i'm working on.

:D Pretty proud of how this turned out, I heavily referenced the face from my own but even still I think I did a damn good job of it and i've never tried to draw something with this sorta camera angle before either.

Think im done with faces for now, still not happy with how I draw noses or eyes but i mainly want to try and get a good grasp of anatomy atm.

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Digging all the construction studies, seems like good practice! Your sketchbook figures are already showing that work! Keep doing the figures and portraits man!

Thanks Tonari!
Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, only paper I have atm.
Also the Gasmask guy is a w.i.p

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It's really great you are doing construction studies, but watch out for those proportions on the face, in a few of your portraits the eyes are way too high, aim for around the middle of the face for the eyes.
Keep up the hard work!

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"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"
Thanks Egbu, Yeah I was strugglin to figure out where to place the eyes(hamptons method was a bit vague on that), i'll try moving them down more next time I draw them.

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I have genetically mutated a fly, with A chav! MWAHAHAHAA!

Also yeah I desperately need to get better at drawing clothes.

The girl is a sketch for an idea im thinking of drawing.

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