The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!!

Some ctrl paint assignments and doodles, been trying to finish the entire ctrl paint library recently.

i'm starting to come to the relization I suck at these XD.


Thinking of doing more work on this.


Chiu assignment, not sure how much more I can do with this, i'd like to move some of the trees and the like round(I got away with moving one of them but had to repaint alot) as I think they could be better placed compositionally, but I can't due to the amount of layers i've been painting over them, I need to sort this stuff out before I begin painting next time XD.

and a very quick small study I did when half asleep, I applied it to the chiu assignment though.

Heads, because i'm sick of not being able to paint people looking up, I seem to have massive trouble drawing or painting people looking up XD, I have'nt painted a 3/4 down or up view in a while but I remember having trouble with that as well so i'll have to do some more heads from that angle soon, strangely enough I don't think I have many problems with just straight down view, I think it's the jaw and shape of the head that get me with the up view.

And i'm trying to study more from different artists after watching this great video from Anthony Jones (Seriously watch it!)

never liked the whole copy copy mindset honestly, I get extremely bored doing perfect studies and I don't usually feel like i'm learning much if anything as I tend to learn more by just analyzing the image beforehand, still I was'nt sure on how to analyze certain parts of the image like the values, shape and colour and this video really helped me with that.
Also i'm not saying that there's no merit to them copys as he points out, just that I don't believe they're the only type of study people should do.

Anyway, this was made by Cushart Krenz, love this image and I thought it'd be helpful for trying to paint that rin picture, that and the mood is similair to what i'm trying to do I think.

and a bit more work on this, trying to apply some of the study, I was getting a bit bored with this but i'm starting to get much more into it again now, so I ditched the colours for the time being so I can just focus on getting some good values down.

Man its awkward to start posting again after dissapearing for so long, but i guess there is no better place to start posting again than here. :)

I see you finally did that scene from Katawa Shoujo, thats cool.
So far, the body proportions look alright, except for the heads that are way too big.
Also, for the clothing and posing of the characters, the best thing you can do is to take photo reference, either by scouting the internet of by taking the pics yourself.
Another option is to use a 3d program like poser or daz studio to get some basic 3d model reference for the pose of the characters and the perspective of the scene.
You will still need photo ref for the clothing though.

I also see you are putting that Anthony jones video to good use! if you are interested in studying from Krenz i have a lot of studies and wips from him, give me a shout if you are interested.

Keep going mate!

Great work! Just try to pay close attention to the proportions and shapes you're putting down when doing studies, and look at the piece as a whole to understand how everything integrates. :)


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Eduardo Garay:Thanks mate!,
tbh i'm thinkin about just restarting the whole piece, I got really back into it recently but I could'nt figure out a way to get it to all work together, plus I think I might be able to do a better job at it now as I started this atleast a few months back, I dunno I might see if I can fix it as it is or I might just lower the oppacity on everything and just use the original as a base.

And yes Krenz is awesome!, I think i'm doing a decent job at analyzing his pieces just not sure how to best apply it all but yeah i'd love to have them studies and, thanks man :).

Bookend:cheers man, I think proportions and shapes are probbly my biggest issue right now, shows really well in them observation drawings i'm doing XD.

Been a while since I updated, i've been having issues with one of my arms which has been causing some pain and stoppin me from drawing as much, I still have it but it has'nt been causing as many problems the last day or two...that and I maaaay have gotten way to addicted to shadow of mordor, but atleast I can damn well admit it! XD.

I'm gonna really try to get better at anatomy for a while, I think it and observational drawing are my biggest problems, my head drawings are way better by comparison, but what good is paintin faces if you're just gonna put them on top of stickmen XD.
Anyway I began Proko's new anatomy course and i've been recappin alot of his figure drawing course as well. I also decided to start doing gestures and observational anatomy drawing daily.

Heres some of them gesture drawings, not sure if i'll keep posting these, but I figured I should upload some in case anyone see's any glaring mistakes, it's been a while since I drew any so the first few are pretty rusty but I think the later ones got better.

Also did some edits to this(thanks for the crits Eduardo) made everything a bit more vibrant and messed with some values a bit.

Proko beans! i'm awful at these things XD.

Ctrl paint assignment

A thumbnail for a spec ops the line painting, been trying to figure out a way to do some fanart for this game for a long time, it's seriously one of the best if not the best use of storytelling in the videogame medium i've ever seen. Gonna do a few more of these and see which one sticks.

And more awful observational drawing, i'm awful at these I can't seem to keep my arm still while measuring, so I end up measuring the same place a shitton only to find out in the end it was still wrong, incredibly frustrating but eh no running from it, still gotta get better at it XD.
Anyway first one was a failure I gave up on halfway, second one I tried to follow the step by step proko one so it came out much better, and the third while I think the top half came out pretty well, I was gettin problems with my arm by the time I got to the bottom and ended up rushin it :/. still I feel i'm gettin better at this, I think alot of my problems are coming from gettin the overal proportions wrong in the width and height.

Few heads I did while bored, and also a head I painted looking up, it's been a while but I think I did most of it without ref and then used a bit of ref near the end, and yes I know how wrong the ears are XD, could'nt get them lookin right and then I could'nt find good ref for an upwards view of the ears and ended up just leaving them in, as it looked weirder without the ears.

The more i look at your Katawa shoujo piece the more i like the composition, maybe because that moment in the story was so fucking perfect. xD And you captured it perfectly, so yeah, maybe start anew but keep this one as reference. This time pose the characters with a 3d program or look for photo reference and thats it, you got an awesome tribute there.
If you start working after gathering good ref and the characters still look weird, keep doing studies of the clothing the characters are doing, over and over. You can even try wearing something similar to understand better how that clothing works. (Lucky for you she isnt wearing a dress! haha jk)

Oh the materials from the ctrl paint assigment look good, you got the edges perfectly, just keep doing those and remember using different edges when painting.
Since i sold my ps3 and traded it for a vita i wont be able to play spec ops any time soon, but now i'm interested again haha.

Keep those studies man! the gestures look too.

Eduardo Garay:AH you fool How could you sell a ps3 for a vita XD.

Cheers man, yeah I downloaded DAZ today, i'm gonna see if I can figure my way around it as for the clothing studies, I think I have some similair things around the house for their clothing so i'll definietly try that and some clothing studies.

Ugh so I went from having issues with my arm, to having a fever and a cough for the last few days paralyzing me from drawing or doing anything really, I seem to be getting a bit better now but i've had on and off moments where i've felt fine so it could just be that :/.
i've got a bit done though so I figured I should upload it.
it's another thumbnail for the spec ops piece, can't take the credit for this one as much as i heavily refrenced it from some of the game screenshots, if I was to end up doing it i'd probbly change alot of stuff.
Though the more I think about it, I think I might just go with no1 anyway, primarily because no2 looks like it'd be far more complicated to paint and I don't want this to be another several month project like the Rin picture XD.

Cool beans! Keep at it, man. Grin


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haha the vita is awesome dude, if you are going to use it to play jrpgs, if not... well. xD
I used DAZ only to pose naked manniquins of characters and get some help perspective, never used it for clothing if you learn more about it, be sure to tell me haha.
Indeed, there seems to be a lot of detail and stuff going on in the second. You would have to spend days rendering hanged corpses, i'm not joking. Why dont you try a mix of 1 and 2? a simple but powerful picture like the idea you got in 1 but with a more interesting perspective like in 2.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Have'nt got much done the last few days, the fever I hads completely gone though thankfully, cough is'nt budging though, but anyway only got a few things done, just some gestures another observational drawing and another thumbnail.

Bookend:Cheers man, you keep it up too, your stuff is lookin awesome

Eduardo:Haha, yeah true, the vita does seem to have alot of Jrpgs, i'm not the biggest player of handheld consoles in general though, btw make sure to pick up persona 4 golden, that games amazing.
Also once again thanks for the advice on DAZ it's really useful, I have'nt tried doing a sitting down pose for the rin picture yet but i've tried a quick one for that spec ops piece, speakin of which thanks for the advice on that, could'nt figure out a good way to combine the two but it did inspire me to mess with the perspective a bit, in a way i've pretty much only rotated the 1st one a bit XD but still goes to show how a quick perspective change can make a picture look more interesting.

Whew, you've really been hammering away at it with these studies! With a bad arm no less.

I know I mess around a lot, but I'm real proud to have seen you progress this far. You have the tenacity of a true artist.

I'd say keep doing what you're doing, but I know you better than that (with what few interactions we've had). You never cease to exceed my expectations.

You know a majority of your weaknesses, and I have a feeling that you know where to steer yourself. Break down your walls, build a castle.

Keep your pimp hand strong.

Happy New Years everyone!

Harbringer:Thanks man, means alot to hear that :).
personally I feel like a slacker most of the time, but I suppose everyone does XD.
Took a few days off for christmas and new years so small update, gotta get back into the groove of things.

Another update on the spec ops piece, i'm gonna start properly painting this soon, sand/sandstorms are a pretty big part of the game(and all the batshit insanity that happens in it) so i'm messin around with the idea of it here, i'll probbly try and add a sandstorm effect to the whole picture later down the line as well.
edit:think I need to make some adjustments to proportions on both arms, not to mention the left hand and machine gun. guns/hands, god help me the hardest things to draw XD.

Joints assignment for proko, proportions are awful on these but I think I understand how all the joints work.

and some boxes I did for proko as well

As said fairly crappy update but it's just past christmas so let me off the hook XD.

Just some structure studies, these took me way to long, think I worked on them for 4 hours in total XD.

Quick update

some 2-4 minute gestures, i'm awful at these longer ones.

an old ctrl paint excercise from december I never finished, thought i'd upload it anyway.

Hey everyone, just another art dump.

Finished hellsing recently and i'm attempting(attempting being the keyword here XD) to paint a portrait of him, honestly I want to something bigger then a portrait for this character, I fuckin love him he's one of my all time favorite if not my favorite villain of all time but I can't think up a suitable picture atm plus i've already got two other projects I want to finish XD, anyway having a hard time finding ref for his face, Hoffman had a pretty close likeness, but he's all I can find atm.

Finished the lineart for this, the clothing is'nt done yet but i'm having trouble adding detail to it, I might try and sort it out while i'm painting.

More studies and some imaginary ones I did as well.

Quick update, studies and some hands mainly from imagination though I used my hand as a bit of ref for bits and pieces of some of them, having a really hard time drawing fists, Hamptons method works well, but I find I can't seem to use it right when it comes to drawing fists, that and when alot of the fingers are bunched up it can become a bit of a clusterfuck to draw xD.
Anyway, done with the Hampton studies so i'm going to study some bridgman hands now.

Soo. I dropped my tablet pen in a bowl of water and now it seems to be fucked, i'm leavin it to dry but i'm not sure if I can afford a new one if its broken :/.

Anyway I figured out a good way to study from bridgman finally, so far it's been alot of help in understanding his drawings, and I think I might go back to doing more studies in pencil, I actually seem to find it easier to concentrate that way, i'm getting more of these done and they seem more accurate then my tablet drawings.

And more work on this, I need to mess around with the lighting and values alot more, I think I might be making them all a bit too dark(though this is gonna be a very dark image) and the lighting is confusing me a bit, there's a light source there but there's gonna be a sandstorm so i'm not sure how drastically that'd affect the lighting.

I hope you are having a good new year mate!
Oh is that the colonel? good, keep going i want to see more of that portrait.
It should be a good practice aswell.
Nice to see the progress in that Spec ops the line was the name? illustration.
The gun is looking good, considering that most people just use a 3d model or photobash that stuff (myself included cough) i think you are doing a really good job.
If anything just take a good look at those arms. The arm holding the rifle looks good, but the other is too small, the hand has the right size but the forearm is smaller than the biceps.
Like i always said, take ref. xD

About the values, i dont think they are particularly dark, this value range would be good to start appling color layers to start the transition to color, but can still push lights and shadows a bit more. If the main light source comes from that building on the background, you could add some rim light to the character and some strategically placed heavy shadows on the face, torso, legs of the character for some dramatic values.
Oh and really good anatomy practice, way to go mate!

Eduardo:Yep it's the major, have you watched the last two hellsing OVA's by any chance? his last speech is so much more interesting when it's spoken compared to the manga, kinda sad his english VA is'nt in any other animes, he's amazing.

Thanks man, the gun was good form practice, it was a side view so I had to basically draw it all from a slightly different perspective,
as for the arm, the one that looks good I found perfect ref for, even down to the hand but i've been struggling with the other one for a while now, i've messed with the proportions a bit and I think they might be okay now, though i'm still not sure.
Hmm, maybe i'm over exaggerating about the values then, i've been trying to be more careful with them after the ganondorf picture I did a while back.

Yay, my tablet pens workin again, though I think one of the buttons is completely fucked, but I never used that button anyway so I don't care too much.

Anyway here's an update on the major portrait, I think i've got a fairly good expression for him, but i'm not sure if I might be changing his likeness a bit too much, i'm not sure what it is about it but he's not lookin as close the major as i'd like. I dunno, i'll leave it for a day and come back to it to see if I notice anything.

and more hands, figures and some gestures, did'nt time these, wanted to try and really think about these ones, as for the figures some are from imagination and the others are from copied figures but from an imagined angle.

Huh, so I get my tablet pen workin again, start drawing more traditionally again, and then my scanner breaks down XD.
I have alot more to show of then this, but as said, i'll upload it when I can get a new scanner, hopefully soon.

Anyway, almost done with this, still not happy with the nose so i'm gonna mess around with it and some other things before I call this finished.


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