Summer Pitch Livestream
Heres a link to the livestream talk if you wanna find out more info about it.
After the summer will this part of the forums be renamed?
So that it is still relevant after summer :p
It is the endless summer, SpectreX :P

Haha didn't notice that :p
They do say 100 days though. But that is probably more of a suggested deadline then?
I didn't want to start a new thread just for this question, so I thought I'd ask here. I've been playing around with some ideas for my summer project and I am wondering if it best to upload wips to my sketchbook thread and finished illustrations/concepts in this forum section. Or can I use my own Summer Pitch thread for everything?

Basically is this forum section for the finished works for your pitch?

Looking forward to having some fun on this :D

I think it's for all Damien :)
OH man! Megaton announcement. Transcending challenges, surpassing noteriety!Bomb
You can post your progress as you see fit, if yo do plan to post WIP pics in a separate forum/thread just tell us so we can actively follow and see how things are going.

Livestream Crits/Paintovers:
Loomis Study videos:

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Would've liked though, if you, dan and dave did a recap video after half of the time has gone and one final. To go through what you've done yourself and look over the communities, no Contest just a good conversation

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