Miss Lillys Sketchbook
So I've been looking through a bunch of these threads and I wanted to post my own even though my style is quite different to most of the other art on here.

[Image: tumblr_mnayt3OW5p1s45j1ko1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mjbbqw9y5p1s45j1ko1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mieen9bUCi1s45j1ko1_500.png]
Cartoony stuff is cool here :D.

Post more :D!

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Here are a few more...

[Image: tumblr_movtlekHf51s45j1ko1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mnzvyvsgKl1s45j1ko1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mkxrccalzT1s45j1ko1_500.png]
Hi Lilly! Nice works, I see you're into animation too :)
If you seriously thing about cartoony direction in your art I can highly recommend books Drawn to Life http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0240810...d_i=507846
Your stylisation is pretty sweet but I think you can push it much further to be more appealing, and this book would teach you about many important things to have in mind while drawing cartoon characters. I re-drawn a little your Miss Death cuz I think she's a good example on what to work next. Focus more on lines. Line should be like water you should feel it flow and force. Design here is more important than anatomical correctness, you don't need to mark elbows at all. Draw using big movement , remember to have clean, readable silhouette, negative space is important too :)
This book may interest you as well http://pl.scribd.com/doc/17518033/Force-...-Animators
Keep drawing and have fun with it :) cheers!

Thank you! Pushing my poses is one of the main things I need to work on, my sketches start out more dynamic and when I refine them they become a bit bland. I'm definitely going to try and get my hands on those books because I know a lot of those principals already, but I forget to implement them when I draw.
Oh nice :). Mazdia's crit is on the money.

If you forget to implement this stuff, maybe write a checklist and look over it every now and then while drawing?

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Good idea! Thanks (:

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