(NSFW) 6089's daily grind
im not one for long introductions.
im here cause i don't want to be a lazy baddie.

i'll try to make it daily and post nothing past a sleep cycle.

i just woke up and haven't done anything. so here is a photo study i was doing sometime this week. really more about reading color than booty


i did 77 long gestures spaning 12 pages. but it looks like i cant just mass upload. its a pain. so i just put it together. it minimized the pics some but you can get the idea.
spent all day more or less. not straight but i just kept getting distracted

also a bad self portrait i didn't have the patience to keep working on. and some sketches i did in a cafeteria . not the best place to draw. most people are turning away from you. i kept having to move around.

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Nice flow in your gesture work, can feel dat energy!
Keep it up, 6089! You'll improve before you know it if you stay consistent in thinking about form/structure and perspective-!
Welcome to the daggers btw!


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