STARBURN - Moonskinned
Hey all,

My project is to further develop an IP I've been working on for a card game.

The title is STARBURN, and i'll stick more info up as I do the art. Might even put the prototype game up on here once its ready :)

[Image: goblish_copy_by_moonskinned-d6bu1ll.jpg]

a collectible card game? looks like a nice project. :)

Oh noes...I didn't see this before. I was going for a tcg too :/ this looks promising however. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Not collectible in the same vein as Magic: the gathering, but it will have expansion packs for new racers and tracks etc.

Its basically a board game without the board :p

Dont worry, its not a TCG, and there are plenty people doing projects of the same type anyway, like comics for example.

Cool idea! Please, post more! Post sketches! How's the system gonna work?


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