Trash-Updated 28/07/13
[Image: trash_zps8322c039.jpg]
Hey so here's my project for the summer and probably a while longer. Trash is a working title but its based around a washed up whitetrash wrestler Tommy who drank, did drugs, steroids and anything to win, but eventually died a failure and a loser in the ring, then he wakes up in hell.

[Image: Trash-+army+of+the+damned+priest.jpg]

[Image: Trash-ANewChallengerApproaches_zpsfd561ec9.jpg]
In hell a flamboyant Satan gives him an offer he can't refuse, a second chance in the ring, in his tournament, and the winner is granted what he most desires. Can Tommy get through his 9 wrestling rings of hell catered towards all his past discretions and failures? does he want a second chance to live again? or does he want to become a "living" legend in hell.

[Image: round-1-ding-ding_zps8dc0509e.jpg]

through the next couple of months i'll be working up these sketches and more trying to piece together the story probably showing it through illustrations, characters designs and fake boxing promo flliers etc.

[Image: sumo-ring_zps70b49f58.jpg]

So without turning the first post into a wall of text, here's the first load of rough sketches, let me know what you guys think, and how you would prefer I present the story, is it going to be enough interest with so many images or do you like more character backgrounds and story laid out in text too?

[Image: trash-and-kid_zps5add2578.jpg]

[Image: yakuzo_zpsb7c48ea2.jpg]

Here's an example of one of the fliers i'm thinking of for each of the 9 major fights, think i'll stick with black and white or minimal colours for these

[Image: themask_zps930f19f1.jpg]

[Image: trash__hookers_in_hell_by_michael_jones-...518d8a.jpg]

And i've jumped into some quick comic strips just to give a little more background to what i have scribbled down and hopefully build some love for these characters <3

[Image: the_damned_priest_by_michael_jones-d6j0fst.jpg]


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