Zombie's Book of Sketches
Thanks for the comment, smrfette! I'll be sure to keep working. ;) And thanks for the birthday wish!

First, a painting of a lizard queen:
[Image: 2013-09-20copy_zps41d8d940.png]

A half-finished cat superhero:
[Image: 2013-09-19_zps7fd977c5.png]

And a few blind contours I've been doing for my Drawing I class:
[Image: null_zps2cc8ab1f.jpg]

[Image: null_zps8b07707a.jpg]

[Image: null_zps1e5c181c.jpg]

[Image: null_zps29e2e63d.jpg]

There is something really awesome about those blind contours, very fine art haha. The skulls especially are sweeet.

Haha, thanks, Devin!

Okay, so I feel like I've been stuck in an art block for the past few weeks. But I did some drawings tonight!

Some Homestuck fanart:
[Image: null_zps1926bd01.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsabadf908.jpg]
[Image: null_zpse64ae82e.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsccbca278.jpg]
[Image: null_zpsc4bfcebb.jpg]

[Image: null_zps44b1e717.jpg]

[Image: null_zps14c93aee.jpg]

[Image: null_zps37174aa2.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsdf801eec.jpg]

[Image: null_zpsdaa18ca4.jpg]

Some more life drawings for my Drawing 1 class. I need to do more personal work, man!

I can see improvement i would say try to add shading and think of doing the undercontruction when you wanna draw from imagination

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Darktiste- Thanks, man! Now that the semester's over, I'll have a lot more time to draw stuff from imagination, so I shall.

Okay, I've got some more stuff from class, and some Homestuck fanart.

[Image: 3A374312-7582-4F44-9D96-51BD1B5B7216_zpsmsbwju9p.jpg]

[Image: A1BA0FF5-DC44-46D8-9AC0-D32FA7CE73A3_zpsgl6mqnhg.jpg]

[Image: 16E4E526-AE0D-4FA7-8F5C-7210EFCD5881_zpss88wvxys.jpg]

[Image: EE7F3D27-FEB3-4C65-8665-C22B18AE13E0_zpsfsrdon2n.jpg]

[Image: 24860762-A12A-4C7B-9016-B4FF70DA0ED0_zpsizeo5ajx.jpg]

[Image: 67E543A3-03EC-4FE1-AF4F-038349AAF280_zpstgwm3pbe.jpg]

[Image: 0204EDB1-BBD2-4D98-A442-E18DBCE9E02B_zpsi6n7gbgq.jpg]

[Image: 737FD229-639D-4E53-A92E-3713C77AFE20_zpspfxss9gv.jpg]

I recently opened an ask blog on tumblr that's an AU of Homestuck where the characters are in the zombie apocalypse. An anon asked what the characters' weapons of choice are:

[Image: 08AA28C9-0CD6-41EC-9F59-755CE9093D41_zpselqgb1yv.jpg]

[Image: D2828B71-A009-4157-8EFD-9DD083EC4CA1_zps5r6fzlfo.jpg]

[Image: 6DDE8289-D767-4ED8-8A58-0A9887975DB2_zpsdhepjqfc.jpg]

[Image: CCE4F39F-EE72-4A6A-A9A6-7371C047DDB0_zpsjz11rzvr.jpg]

Like those studies from life, they feel solid and occupies a real good sense of space. Bring that to your character drawings by practicing more.

Thanks, man!

I need to stop letting this die. Argh, school. >.<

Some character designs that I ended up abandoning:

[Image: tumblr_myrachgkjE1qk63doo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_myrachgkjE1qk63doo2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_myrachgkjE1qk63doo3_1280.jpg]

A painting of Sakura:
[Image: tumblr_mz42u3XGEm1qk63doo1_500.png]

Aand some more character designs, but these ones I'm not bored of yet:
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo3_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo4_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo5_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo6_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo7_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n03gmoonIt1qk63doo8_1280.jpg]

Keep doing those life drawings! My old art teacher used to make use do blind contours, they were fun!

Hey thanks, meat! I'm gonna make it a goal to try to do life drawings more.

Practicing some faces! I want to try to draw 100 faces within the next week. The last batch are all done without a reference.

[Image: 3EC855B7-7AB6-471B-873A-C2E9FC1412A3_zps6tpiwahz.jpg]
[Image: 0F2B0BC0-6337-4AFB-9049-C89661C68FDF_zpsnw1i49cm.jpg]
[Image: 2014-01-30_zps91d8efef.png]
[Image: 674FF35E-65E1-4B24-BE07-112866314046_zpsknhllw1x.jpg]

A portrait of Sayaka from PMMM. Kinda a redo of the Sakura painting, only of someone else, haha.

[Image: 2014-02-03copy_zps20f962ec.png]

So I drew these last week, but completely forgot to post them. They're more for fun, though. I did these the day after hourly comics day, which I missed.

[Image: E97145BD-7294-432C-99EA-3BBA8BA0C833_zpsljovuraa.jpg]

[Image: 353FCDD2-0617-47C8-A1AC-3470336E5217_zpszt9ve3je.jpg]

[Image: FA39CCC8-CD8E-4AAF-B8BB-10E17B574B00_zps74n3c5eo.jpg]

[Image: 21BE2852-C209-4AB6-9AFD-4AB4B42B39CA_zpsoi5sko5o.jpg]

And today, I did some value practice:
[Image: 2014-02-08copy_zps19f6b28f.png]
Ref: http://mikikoponczeck.tumblr.com/post/67...-sketching

Hi it me again so this time i am here to refresh or to teach you some basic distinction you can make to contrast the gender facial freature

For the man
the skull is larger
the jawline is larger
the cheekbone are more angular
the eye are closer and smaller
the chin is square and chopped
the nose is larger and bigger
the lips are finer/smaller
the neck is large/shorter

for the female head
the skull is closer
the jawline is closer and fluid
the cheekbone are rounded and less prominent
the eye are round and bigger with longer eyelashes
the chin is round and smooth
the nose finer/smaller nostril
the lips are fleshy/and bigger
the neck is finer/longer

use the image as reference for pose and work specially on the chin area since i think you use the man jaw almost all the time
don't attach the jawline to the ear.

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Thanks, dude.

Okay, I did some figures, and I'm working on a Hannibal fanart with Alana and Will. I recently got some new prismacolors, so I was planning on using those.

[Image: 6AC1D23E-6F57-45E4-A17C-29D6F68447ED_zpsezig00im.jpg]

[Image: FE5EA92D-7057-4B79-B654-91B17E493375_zpsisdvks9y.jpg]

[Image: EEA1BD85-0538-476C-82E6-7C35C534F572_zpslindggla.jpg]

Keep it up with the studies. Do some of the Loomis head construction and study the head from different views.
Good luck!

Thanks, man! Head construction is something I've been struggling with for so long. I think I'm going to focus on that some more next time.

But for now, I have some works I've been doing in class. Practicing shading, and in another I'm starting a project where I'm going to do a 1-hour self portrait every day for the next two weeks.

[Image: 3C3EE9C5-C21E-4896-82D6-B8EB8E8F46D1_zpssc2kegrh.jpg]

[Image: 1E015BDD-2C40-4615-990B-EB11B40124D3_zps0j3k03m7.jpg]
These two are from imagination..

[Image: 65E75B34-0D42-420D-A132-15288F22B795_zpsbyvb04vg.jpg]

[Image: DA8BD35D-5726-41EA-88D9-C03A737F2FC0_zpscbiaquep.jpg]

[Image: 0FF4B475-C95E-490E-AF7A-02DF6C79A3FD_zpsse6rk9lx.jpg]
And these three were from observation.

[Image: EDBC5506-B558-4869-962B-CC2B48333869_zps3ucnnuzn.jpg]
And the self portrait..the eyes are a little wonky, I know.

Some more work from class-

[Image: A152261C-44C4-4488-850C-05742A8D833A_zpsmujb2vpu.jpg]

[Image: F31552D7-8985-4C66-B94E-CE02C4CC4CE5_zpsawtztjli.jpg]

[Image: 6BB40863-DFDC-4738-A33B-CBF3EE90FF65_zpsktrpfl6i.jpg]

[Image: 1F1C66A5-396B-4A03-AE1A-61D818340B6D_zpscyaoq2ip.jpg]

[Image: 1C3F7064-C09F-483F-BBAC-D74AB662AEA4_zpsa814mjfo.jpg]

[Image: 8933FE4D-EEB8-4714-9465-A9F8E3509149_zpsprhkxdn9.jpg]

[Image: A74037AB-40FF-4D1B-82CF-84F8F0A27F1B_zpsusgrplya.jpg]

[Image: D6585912-2FDF-479A-94E9-689B312AA417_zpstiurun1k.jpg]

[Image: D9808DF5-2E8C-4387-88DB-069EAB17A41A_zpscpeanx5u.jpg]

[Image: 677AC310-F4C3-49A5-9249-991FF370B498_zpsbaheafhv.jpg]

The light studies getting better and better. :) What kind of classes are you attending?

Ah man, it's been almost a month since I've posted in here! Agh. I'll try to most more now that school's done for a while.

denikina- Thanks! So far I've only taken drawing 1 and 2, where we explore light drawings focusing on the line and the shading.

Okay, I have some more sketches. I need to update more regularly.

[Image: 0DB1EDAC-8465-470A-ACE8-BD6204610A9A_zpszwrsar7s.jpg]

[Image: C9BF5EA4-4579-41F1-B30B-AC5F22971BA2_zps21ierzxb.jpg]

[Image: 8C9073E7-BE4B-4B86-89A0-3F00C087B13F_zpslpxjixqn.jpg]

[Image: 605A256E-6E5A-4E6F-ABFF-FE5BB5AFCD2B_zps0vskhvzz.jpg]
Some sketches of a character for a comic I want to do.

[Image: 3936E832-AF9E-43D7-A0EA-F1C32D65D69E_zpsyh1tqksv.jpg]

[Image: 90FB303E-DA60-4677-A354-01BB0073ABD8_zpsvkfr0xbt.jpg]
Thumbnails for the Ghibli poster Bloodsport.

And trying a redesign for Buttercup from PPG:
[Image: ppg1copy_zps83c181ee.png]

[Image: ppg2copy_zpsfd06e5c0.png]

[Image: ppg3copy_zps962b9c52.png]

[Image: ppg4copy_zps6a119a1c.png]

just found your sketchbook and I saw every drawing ^^. I can see you are working hard. that's the best part

i thought you were shading too early on the drawings in the first page. try to have some clean linework before.

heads: yeah, they are pretty hard. They are my weak point haha but you are practing a lot and improving. keep doing

And these last lighting studies are really cool. oils? :D~


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