Low testosterone content
At first I wasn't really sure if wanted to do a project and now that I see that everybody has so many great ideas it seems even more like a waste of time.

On the other hand I also feel extremly inspired by all the great work people doing. So maybe this here is just a small little treat between dicks, wrestlers in hell and various game concepts.

Here are some teaser posters. (Something is probably spelled wrong so I'm sorry for that).

[Image: 3th.png][Image: osq.png]
More stuff is coming up in the next few days until then another little teaser picture.
[Image: jez9.png]

It kinda looks like harry potter fanart atm. I hope I know where I'm going.
Ohhhh meet the protagonist:
[Image: 6ftd.png]
Hey, this actually looks interesting....
@Finnjamin: Thank you so much for stepping by! It's nice to see that people are interested :)

I actually have more colour stuff but it's not ready yet and since I have a headache here are some quick teaser sketches:
[Image: ov2.png]
[Image: 16aw.png]

And a little hint to what this project is aiming at: Sorry for the shittiness. :(
[Image: 1374447237479.gif]
Last teaser before a bigger update:
[Image: ol2w.png]
Update: Kind of test pages. Playing around with colour and face expressions. And horrible writing oh well...

[Image: x6ru.png]
[Image: ymws.png]
[Image: jv6s.png]
[Image: wg8m.png]
[Image: n781.png]
[Image: pbp1.png]
[Image: 2jw8.png]
[Image: 1gh.png]
[Image: 0e37.png]

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