Marjorie's sketches
Thanks you guys!! y'all are so sweet ^_^

a quick one for today
[Image: e8dEEQx.jpg]

This is the type of shit thats in my sketchbooks (traditional and digital) very messy...

[Image: 3UMyfPJ.jpg]

Love that character painting on the last page, awesome! And sketcheeesss, post more of those!

I see some cool sketchin' action going one here. Love <3

Thank you tonari no punpun ^^ I hope I can live stream soon and catch up a bit with ya! and do some sketches like that live :D

and also Thanks, Ramalooke! I shall continue to scribble!

an anatomy study or, as I like to call it, an excuse to draw half naked men haha...dontjudgeme
[Image: ZdOGHAL.jpg]

wow, you have some awesome stuff in here! that last anatomy study was really good! i like your silhouette sketches you did too. keep it coming!

Thanks, ando_commando!! ^^

[Image: mbNM0Nb.jpg]
[Image: szTTmEZ.jpg]

I need to calibrate my second screen... I think the values are off. OTL

[Image: 8ojzcub.jpg]

Hi Marjorie

Thanks for your visit and lovely comment :) Gotta say I loooove your sketchbook! Great range of styles and very nice designs going on.

keep you the great work ..see you round x

Thank you, Angel! I really appreciate it!
I'll keep dropping by yous to see whats new! :D

I don't think I've post these here yet so...yea dropping these here.
[Image: eazNElZ.jpg]
[Image: bKNLhmq.jpg]

[Image: AoeGcqi.jpg]

What beautiful symmetry and well understood form! Such swishy movement in your work!

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Thank you, Tygerson! how I got to understand form better was from sculpting it helps me to think 3D and how shape works under real light.. whenever you find yourself in a tough spot try sculpting a maquette on the thing you are working on i find it helps me greatly. :)
and all the swishy stuff came from an inspiring trip to the beach. I looove the ocean and I always can find something to draw from there ;) sorry for the bad pun xD

[Image: hog1csZ.png]
[Image: z2nyrGt.png]
[Image: Ar6Dj1A.jpg]


Nice Skull study, cool video. I like watching the process and listening to some good tunes! :)

18 yr old artist comin atcha Party


Beautiful paintings! Very hard to chose which version...humm...
Awesome figures and studies also! linework and acuracy in the half-naked-guys-kicking ass studies are top notch!

Hey, Nice work on the deer skull study, always cool to see peoples process as well. Keep us updated! :)

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I find it hard to comment on your work because you seem to know exactly what you are doing, so I'll just say good work keep going

TonariNoPunpun: Thank you! I've been parcticing hard!! ^_^ same its hard to choose x__x;

Jonesoda: Thanks! I'm glad you like it and also dig the jams :D

Vandall: Thank you! haha ^^; I don't think so... I'm self taught so I'm just stumbling through everything haha xD I believe for me there is always room to grow and learn.

here a new vid I thought I'd share a new trick I learned.


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